Migrant Funding Big Topic at National Mayor Meeting

The migrant invasion is a hot topic at this year’s U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting. Especially, where they’re going to get the funding they need to cope with it. They vented their frustrations privately in a “closed session” Wednesday but any consensus they reach will be shown by their policies at the outcome.

Migrant invasion funding troubles

The migrant invasion is real and nobody has any money to feed or house them. Mayors from coast-to-coast hold a big annual Winter Meeting. This year’s was on Wednesday, January 18. Everyone was there for the closed door session about “the surge of migrants into their cities.

They need to figure out what to do about it because “the issue has been a source of continuing controversy and even sparked public clashes between state officials.

The scorecard headlines the conference as “Responding to Influx of Migrants.” They have to come up with some sort of response because the migrants are fluxing in by the thousands.

For the past two years it wasn’t a big deal because it was only a border problem but now they’re paying attention. What changed is that the migrant invasion hit places like Chicago, New York and most horrifyingly, Martha’s Vineyard.

This past December, America added 250,000 new migrant citizens, destined for amnesty rather than the promised asylum. The Biden bait and switch game gave the migrating masses the key word to get them through the gate. They ask for asylum whether they are eligible or not.

Uncle Sam gives them a court date sometime in a few years and after everyone is in, they plan to pass out blanket amnesty for all. That way, they’re sure to sew up a huge number of democrat leaning voters.

Sanctuary cities suddenly popular

The mayors of sanctuary cities are the ones freaking out about the migrant crisis. They talked a big game for years but now that the barbarians are at the gate, they don’t want to feed them. All those “non-governmental organizations” that have been moving migrants through the border have run out of cash.

At the same time, they started shuffling them off by the busload to every jurisdiction who claims to provide shelter. The only problem is the claims fall short. There is no shelter. There isn’t any food or money for it either. They can’t even cope with homeless citizens.

A measly 40,000 of them overwhelmed Eric Adams. His “social services systems” can’t cope with any more but the endless migrant stream keeps flowing.

He refuses to feed them what they want to eat, so they’re throwing perfectly good food away by the ton. The homeless get to stand by and watch as it goes down the road in a garbage truck. They would have eaten those sandwiches.

The only thing they can come up with is to bill FEMA for the migrant expenses. As Adams told reporters ahead of the meeting on Tuesday, “I think it should be done through FEMA. We should treat this the same way we treat any major disaster or major crisis.

He’s right as far as this being a federal problem. Joe Biden invited all these people. He opened up the gates to let them in. He should be the one to feed and house them, too. C’mon Joe, set down the ice cream spoon, put the classified documents away and print up some more money.

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