Check Out Biden’s Latest Pathetic Solution to This Crisis

Thanks to modern technology, there’s an “app” to make mass migrant invasion easy and painless. The Imperial Palace recently declared that virtually anyone who wants in can come on through the gates, just don’t keep trying to sneak across the border. Everyone who cooperates is expected to be granted full amnesty and citizenship, on down the road. After they’re all here and settled in.

Mobile ‘asylum’ app

Thousands of invading migrants massed along the Mexican side of our southern border were invited on Wednesday, January 18, to start using “a mobile app designed to facilitate the process of applying for asylum.

Just like Obamacare, as soon as it went online, it crashed. Several migrants “quickly reported difficulties in using the system.

Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas are proud of the “CBP One app.” They brag it will allow tens of thousands of “asylum seekers to enter their personal information as a pre-screening step for a U.S. appointment to request asylum.

Whether they are actually “qualified” for asylum doesn’t really matter. They’ll be let in anyway and it will be a few years before they’re even expected to get a court date. By then, they’ll all have amnesty and it won’t matter.

Alejandra, from Venezuela, is thrilled that she’s finally getting allowed in, whether the app works or not. “I’m really excited, I can’t wait to see my family.” She already got through the gate into El Paso and she’s headed for sunny Florida as soon as she can catch a free bus ride.

Giovanny Castellanos did try the phone system and “got an appointment quickly.” He got the word to line up at Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. If all goes well he’ll be in Texas by sundown. He recommended the feature to other migrants.

System overload meltdown

As soon as they activated the pre-screening app last week, it was “in such demand that it is telling applicants it has run out of appointments.” Mexican officials and confused migrants don’t like what it’s telling them. They saved screenshots to show reporters.

They don’t simply get orders on where and when to line up, there are hoops to jump through.

One of the things the 40,000 or so waiting customers can’t cope with is the fact the program picks the place where they need to go. It isn’t always in or near the city they are now.

To receive a U.S. appointment, migrants first must go to a border entry point in Mexico determined by the app. Some migrants told Reuters the app only had appointments far from where they currently are.

Jose Huerta, for instance. He’s a Venezuelan so one of those Mayorkas promised to let in. He’s across from El Paso in Ciudad Juarez. When he brought up the app and gave it all his information, the AI bot “said he could cross for his appointment from Tijuana, a city some 746 miles to the west opposite San Diego.” He’s not happy with his appointment.

I don’t have money, now I have to walk.” On that 750 mile journey between border cities, Jose and other migrants will be exposed to danger. Liberal activists are furious. “They need to increase the number of appointments per day, we’re confident this will be the case,” said Enrique Lucero, director of migration affairs in Tijuana.


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