Mother OUTRAGED After Reading Teacher’s ‘Warning’ On 7-Year-Old’s Homework

A Kansas mother wound up being extremely upset when she saw a elementary school teacher’s “warning” on her 7-year-old child’s homework paper.

For many very first graders, a school is a location where instructors applaud and cultivate knowledge, specifically if it surpasses expectations. Naturally, no parents would ever picture that a relied-on teacher would try to hold back their kid’s development. For Kansas mommy Brenda Hatcher, that’s precisely what occurred when her child revealed indications of sped-up knowing.

When Brenda got her 7-year-old child Alyssa from school, she browsed her knapsack, examining her day’s work. When she found a correction in brilliant red ink at the top of her kid’s grammar lesson, the caring mom could not see through her eyes. It wasn’t something that the girl addressed incorrectly that garnered the teacher’s ire.

Brenda Hatcher
Brenda Hatcher exposed that her 7-year-old child Alyssa was chastised by her instructor for the strangest error.(Photo Credit: Facebook)

Brenda Hatcher shared an image of her child’s paper on social networks, revealing outrage over the instructor’s mark, which had definitely nothing to do with any mistake dedicated by the kid. Instead of remedying an error or problem with the 7-year-old’s responses, the instructor continued to chastise Brenda’s child for showing remarkable penmanship, scolding, “Stop writing in cursive. You have had several warnings.”

A lot more troubling to Brenda was that the instructor’s scolding wasn’t indicating anything Alyssa had actually responded to in the work area. The offense to which the teacher was referring was the kid’s name at the top of her paper.

Brenda Hatcher
The instructor warning 7-year-old Alyssa to stop composing her name in cursive. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Not Surprisingly, Brenda Hatcher was puzzled and incensed that the instructor disagreed with her kid practicing writing her name in cursive.

“Alyssa is 7!!! Not only is her mother a military veteran but, she took the time to teach her very young child how to write in cursive… This is her teacher’s response… What is wrong with today’s school system/society???”

Brenda revealed her concerns that the instructor’s chastisement might prevent her child and fellow schoolmates from offering their best work. She and others on social networks mentioned that this kind of reaction to students going above and beyond in class certainly produces an environment of conformity instead of supporting their individual abilities.

Brenda Hatcher
The majority of users concurred that the teacher’s warning crossed the line.(Photo Credit: Facebook)

Brenda Hatcher, even further, described that Alyssa does not do this sort of thing all the time. She included that writing in cursive utilized to be urged instead of penalized.

“The thing is that she doesn’t write everything in cursive,” she commented. “That’s her own personal signature… I had to learn to write in cursive when I was young… This should never be something a teacher frowns upon.”

Brenda even further indicated the instructor’s evident hypocrisy, declaring that she needs to deal with her own writing prior to scolding the trainees for their advancements.

“And apparently she can’t even get things right herself as an adult… Considering her little mess at the beginning of her lovely note… To a 7 year old…” she wrote.

While the majority of social media users who commented shared in Brenda’s outrage, some argued that the concern was not in standing out but in complying with commands. Still, others revealed the significance of uniqueness over majority obedience.

Brenda stays happy with her little girl, despite the teacher’s disapproval in her handwriting practices. Extremely, this basic warning has actually triggered a major dispute on the prospective defects in the general public education system. In spite of where you base on the concerns of writing in cursive or following guidelines, the majority of can concur that there are important concerns in the school system that need to be addressed.

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