democrats vote abolish electoral college

Major Election Rule STRUCK DOWN… Democrats LIVID

Democrats were just struck a significant blow on Joe Biden’s state.

One of the most susceptible forms of voting to fraud is no longer available.

The reason… the judge says it is unconstitutional.

Can’t Do It

Vice Chancellor Nathan Cook says no-excuse mail-in voting cannot happen any longer.

According to Cook, the rule goes against the state’s constitution and would need an amendment to pass.

He stated, “Our Supreme Court and this court have consistently stated that those circumstances are exhaustive.

“Therefore, as a trial judge, I am compelled by precedent to conclude that the vote-by-mail statute’s attempt to expand absentee voting … must be rejected.”

Julianne Murray, an attorney for plaintiffs, stated, “He started on the Constitutional Convention of 1897 and worked his way through.”

Another attorney on the case, Jane Brady, a retired judge and former Delaware attorney general, agreed that the rule “does not comport with the constitution.”

She added, “I believe that the legislature has known from day one that they needed a constitutional amendment to do this.”

Democrats were a bit cranky, refusing to comment on the decision.

Source: Fox News

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