Biden Agreed to PAY REPARATIONS…

Joe Biden is writing another big check with our tax dollars.

While attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Joe Biden announced the creation of a climate justice fund.

The money will be used to pay reparations to developing nations by “wealthier” nations for the harm we have allegedly caused via greenhouse gas emissions.

Write the Check

So, here is the interesting aspect to this…

Only a few weeks ago, Biden’s climate czar John Kerry stated, “It’s a well-known fact that the United States and many other countries will not establish … some sort of legal structure tied to compensation or liability.”

After Joe Biden announced the creation of the fund, all of a sudden Kerry was in favor of the fund being established.

In 2021, the United Nations conducted a study on this and estimated the cost to be in the hundreds of billions.

Now, everyone knows that Joe likes to play hero, so I would imagine he will offer to pay the lion’s share of the fund.

Here is the thing, though…

Biden cannot get that check unless Congress approves it.

With the GOP now holding the House, he has almost no shot of getting that money.

On a different note, the people discussing the need for change all flew to the conference on private jets and traveled around Egypt in massive caravans of gas-guzzling SUVs.

Power the Future founder and executive director Daniel Turner stated, “Forty-thousand people were at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt—one of the most posh resort towns in the world—for over two weeks.

“They all had to eat and they all had to drink.

“That’s a lot of money.

“Couldn’t that money have been used for climate reparations?

“It’s such an enormous joke.”

Tough to disagree with that comment.

Source: Daily Caller

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