Auditors ‘Secretly’ Sabotaging the Audit Sources Say

Will we ever know the truth, at least for one state? Or will it be buried until history majors look it up long after anything can be done about it? Why did New Hampshire still agree to purchase these machines even after one of the current auditors testified in 2007 about how easily the Diebold/Dominion machines could be hacked? The status quo needs to remain for those gaining money and power from Democrats being in control.

Auditors needed to be quiet

Infiltration and stealth are key. There are so many reasons why people need to be completely devoted to wanting to keep elections fair, this is one of them. No deviation is tolerated anymore because of the massive cheating.

Actors indeed. Both Phillip Stark and Barbara Simons are members of both the Democracy Alliance Board and are currently a part of the corrupt US Election Assistance Commission.

Auditors as spies

Another reminder that we’re at war. It’s a constant fight to keep elections above board because power corrupts so easily. Both Phillip Stark and Barbara Simons had relationships with three powerful Democrats: Pelosi, Schumer and Harry Reid.

Those who are profiting from Biden being in office need to have him remain there. Trump interrupted their plans.

The political machine at work

Harry Hursti actually has relationships with the other two auditors but it was buried. In 2005 he infamously hacked what were at the time Diebold machines that were purchased by Dominion in 2010.

Harry Hursti testified at the New Hampshire Election Law Committee hearings in September 2007 that the machines weren’t trustworthy. These are the same machines the auditors are working on now.

Auditors now need to be independently verified

If Hursti confirmed these could be hacked years ago, why are we auditing these machines? What is Hursti’s agenda? He was a member of Verified Voting. Why is he no longer on there?

April 29 he was a member. May 3 he was hired to help with the audit. Two days later, May 5, Hursti was no longer a member of Verified Voting. All mention of him was deleted.

Another one of the auditors

Hursti co founded Nordic Innovation Labs which did security assessments and vulnerability for Verified Voting. Phillip Stark was one of the Nordic team members. After February 26, 2021, mention of Stark was also removed from the page.

These auditors, which were supposedly independent and professional, were nothing of the sort. Trump said he thought there was a lot of corruption in government. It was bigger than he thought. Another entity involved with elections has been proven to be compromised. Confusion, delays and chaos. Hallmarks of government that’s grown beyond what it was meant to be.

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