DeSantis Takes the Lead!

A Wall Street Journal poll has Florida governor Ron DeSantis with a commanding lead over President Trump for the 2024 GOP Nomination. It’s the second poll in two days to show these results. The USA Today-Suffolk University poll showed DeSantis leading Trump by a whole 23 points while the Journal poll showed him leading Trump 52-38%. DeSantis beat Biden but Biden beat Trump, both by small margins.

The Florida Governor is leading

The USA Today poll showed DeSantis leading Trump 56-33%. In the Journal poll 86% preferred the Florida governor, 74% favored Trump.

It also showed DeSantis leading Biden by four points but Biden beat Trump by seven. The Florida governor was ahead of Trump in college educated, suburban and urban voters while Trump lead in those whose education was high school or less.

Early lead in primaries

Polls of initial primary states showed DeSantis may lead early. In Iowa where the presidential season takes place every four years with the caucus, the Republicans there heavily favored DeSantis.

The Neighborhood Research and Media poll showed another huge swing between the two Republicans. The Florida governor was preferred over Trump 32-30%. That’s an enormous swing from June when it was the reverse. Trump lead 38-17% and in November Trump lead 56-12%.

Support shifted

Rick Shaftan works with Neighborhood Research and Media. He noted, “With support barely half what it was a year ago in a time when DeSantis’s vote has nearly tripled, Trump becomes a severe underdog in the race.”

The Club for Growth Action conducted a number of polls in November across several states. In Iowa DeSantis lead Trump 48-37%. New Hampshire’s primary is next. Trump was again beaten 52-37%. A Texas November survey conducted found Trump was beaten here as well 43-32%. Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi tweeted out, “Ron DeSantis and his optimistic brand of bold and unapologetic conservatism is a winning brand and the GOP should take note.”

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