Code Pink Protesters Confront Nancy Pelosi, It Doesn’t Go Well for Nancy

Code Pink got in Pelosi’s face as much as they could. The former speaker might have said the organization was based in China or Russia so one of the co-founders, Medea Benjamin, yelled at her that they are American. Among the reasons for Code Pink to be upset with her was for not keeping tax dollars here, making money on NVIDIA and being an Israel apologist. Pelosi only responded by waving them off.

Pelosi confronted by her own kind

Code Pink is “a feminist grassroots organization working to end U.S. warfare and imperialism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect resources into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming* programs.” The “About” page of their website says they believe that murdering unborn children is a “life-affirming program” that “uplifts human dignity.”

The group posted a video of the confrontation. “Today, she refused to answer for her support for Israel as we talked to her ahead of the House vote on sending $17.6 billion more to support Israel’s genocide in Gaza.” The group doesn’t want money to go to Israel and Benjamin asked Pelosi, “Are you voting yes or not to genocide? Are you gonna vote no on the money?”

Pelosi was followed

Other protesters followed her as she approached a secure area that they could not follow. A protester off camera yelled, “$1 million in sales. Congratulations on making money off genocide!”

Benjamin repeated that they’re American. “We’re not Russian sponsored. We’re not from China. We don’t have headquarters in China. Our headquarters is right here in the United States.”

Pelosi not responding

So they yelled that the money she might send to Israel needs to be spent here, especially in her home state of California. “Shame on you!” one woman yelled. “Shame on you!” Another woman said, “She’s making money while people are being slaughtered in Gaza!”

Benjamin finished with, “Don’t call us Russian apologists or Chinese apologists when you are an Israel apologist.” The former speaker disappeared from the camera view with “Shame!” being chanted behind her regarding her stock market moves. A Twitter or X post stated, “Pelosi bet millions on [NVIDA] in November using call options. Using a deceptive tactic, she purposely disclosed this on the Friday before Christmas weekend to avoid media coverage.”

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