Silence from the MSM: Black Voices for Trump Arrive in Kenosha to Do What Democrats Won’t

This has happened before. Democrats of all shapes and sizes protest, loot and trash an area. It takes conservatives to come out and clean up the mess. Some people aren’t taught to clean up after themselves. Scott Pressler, a social media influencer, partnered with Black Voices for Trump to clean up a grateful Milwaukee. This group of people trumpets how Trump has helped the black American community.

Democrats seem to be for destruction and chaos

Ahead of the election but Americans want law and order. T.W. Shannon is a member of the Black Voices Advisory Board. He wrote, “Families all across America feel the positive effects of the Trump Administration’s policies every single day. Now nowhere is that more true than in Black America- where President Trump’s leadership has created a Black economic boom.”

Black Voices for Trump concentrates more on Democrat run areas, where minorities have voted for officials that have consistently let them down for the past 60 years.

BVT focuses on several things Democrats ignore

Everyone, including minorities, should have access to tools to feed and develop the entrepreneurial spirit. Children need to learn the basics. Democrats have been deliberately dumbing down Americans. Trump wants school vouchers so under performing schools will need to clean up their act.

Historically black colleges and universities need as much attention as we can give them. President Trump signed the First Step Act into law in an effort to improve the criminal justice system. This creates incentive for people to stay out of prison.

Cleaning up cities run by Democrats

The two entities have a common goal of helping the minority communities. It made sense to come together to clean up the mess created by BLM and ANTIFA groups. It shows the night-and-day contrast between the two.

Presler spoke about why he does what he does. “I’m doing these cleanups because I believe love is taking action,” Presler emphasized to Breitbart News. “I don’t want to be just another empty suit, like Joe Biden. I want to be a man of action, like Donald Trump.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said ‘Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. So, it’s especially appropriate that we are meeting up at the Republican Party office off of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Milwaukee.”

Presler shamed the Democrats, in particular the nominee, Joe Biden, in a tweet. “Your side is burning down Kenosha, Wisconsin. I’m headed to Milwaukee & Kenosha this weekend to help clean it up. Why don’t you tell them to stop the violence?”

Build people up with love rather than terrorizing them. But then the Democrats want that chaos.

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