RFK Jr. Shafted By Biden LOOK at What Happened

Politics is ugly and RFK Jr. has been violated more than once. Under handed deals, smearing your opponents name and negative ads happen on one hand. On the other attempts to push the vote in certain directions are done by voter suppression tactics and gerrymandering districts. But the Biden administration has taken this to a new low by refusing Secret Service protection for a Presidential candidate.


RFK is flapping in the breeze

The administration is using a couple things against its competitors. One is the multi-pronged lawfare attack on Donald Trump using far-left Democrat officials.

The other is the new low, refusing to provide something that’s always been customary, Secret Service protection for a Presidential candidate. To that effect, RFK Jr. has made a plea to the public to pressure the Biden administration into providing that protection after the same intruder broke into his house not just once but twice.

Police released him so he returned. The candidate has faced multiple security threats both on the trail and at his house.

RFK posted on social media

His plea is simple. He’s looking for signatures for one sentence: “I agree RFK Jr. should receive Secret Service protection.”

The Kennedy family has been uniquely impacted by political violence since John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. Five years later, John’s younger brother and RFK’s father Robert Kennedy, who was a Senator at the time, was assassinated in Los Angeles after winning the Democratic nomination.

Kennedy posted a video where he shared details of a terrifying encounter last month in Los Angeles that happened close to where his father was struck down. The intruder was “using false US Marshall badges and phony federal ID and carrying an arsenal in his backpack.”

RFK asked for help

He pointed out that “every presidential candidate since the 1970s who has asked for Secret Service protection has received it,” and mentioned a number of presidential candidates. Barack Obama received protection two years before the election.

Kennedy said, “However, President Biden has made the historic decision to deny me a Secret Service detail. I’m the only one in history whose request has ever been denied.” There have been a lot of things done that have never been done before with this administration, this is one more.

Curiously, Trump received Secret Service protection as early as Nov. 2015. Ben Carson received protection due to his race. Kennedy isn’t necessarily concerned for his own safety but he worries about the safety of family and any bystanders. What bothers him is the weaponization of federal law enforcement.

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