Late-night Host Steven Colbert CHARGED

Steven Colbert got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Now, we all know he is romanced by Dems and likes to hang out with his buddy Chuckie Schumer.

Even so, we would expect him to vet his stories before he goes on national TV and cracks-wise.

He didn’t, and now he has been charged with spreading disinformation.

Yeah, That Happened

In a nutshell, Michigan Republican Tudor Dixon told a story about a voter who came to her over racy content in the school library.

Colbert yucked it up and accused her of lying.

It turns out, the man does exist and the story went down exactly as she said it did.

“Outnumbered” takes a deeper dive…

So, when can we expect that apology Steve?

On-air would be great, but in person to both Dixon and the voter in question would be even better.

Source: New York Post

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