Two Police Officers Shot In Chicago Barely 5 Days Apart

A Chicago policeman was shot on Chicago’s South Side five days after another police officer was gunned down in the very same community as surging criminal offense rates continue to afflict the Windy City. Chicago Police Department spokesperson Tom Ahern tweeted on Sunday afternoon that an officer from the department’s 7th District had actually been shot and was being carried to the University of Chicago Hospital.

Fire Department representative Larry Langford stated he thought the officer’s injuries were not deadly, according to The Chicago Tribune. The shooting broke out in the location of 69th and Sangamon streets when the police officer along 2 other uniformed officers ‘performed a traffic stop’ at around 2 p.m. in a street.

Throughout the stop, officers were bombarded by the unknown male suspect and ‘returned fire,’ according to a declaration from authorities. The hurt officer sustained a gunshot injury to the chest and to his left arm. The two other officers were unharmed.

A pistol was discovered at the scene, cops representative Tom Ahern tweeted. A minimum of 18 shell casing markers around a silver Toyota sedan were discovered after detectives browsed the shooting scene, The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown later on stated in an interview that no other suspects were associated with the shooting exchange. He included that the hurt police and ‘his team members are all shook,’ from the incident.

A pistol was found at the shooting scene on June 5, just 5 days after another policeman was shot in the very same area.

An unknown Chicago Police officer was shot in the left arm and chest after exchanging weapon fire with a suspect following a traffic drop in a street near 69th and Sangamon streets in the Windy City’s Edgewood area on South Side. 2 other officers were likewise associated with the shooting.

The police officer was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where he is recuperating from non-life-threatening life injuries. The suspect was likewise rushed to emergency care, where is he in critical condition.

Fernanda Ballesteros – another Chicago policeman – was shot on June 1 after she likewise performed a traffic stop in the exact same place where Sunday’s shooting occurred, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown (center) stated that the 3 officers associated with Sunday’s were all ‘shook’ by what occurred.

Ballesteros, in addition to another police officer, was in a squad car performing a traffic stop in the West Englewood community, according to cops Supt. David Brown.

The vehicle the officers were attempting to pull over first accelerated, and after that slowed to pull even with the squad car, Brown stated.

At that point, somebody in the vehicle began firing a gun at the officers.

Ballesteros, who was driving, was shot and injured in her shoulder, Brown stated. The officer who had was in the driver’s seat drove her to the hospital.

Ballesteros was at first in stable however critical condition, Brown stated. She was released on Monday from the University of Chicago Medical Center, where numerous other officers waited and praised her outside the building.

‘This week has shown me and my family the true brotherhood of the Chicago Police Department, and that the brotherhood extends beyond me to caring and protecting my family as well,’ Ballesteros told the Sun-Times.

‘I am choosing to see the light in this dark time. And I will grow stronger, both physically and mentally, from this tragedy.’

Ballesteros was likewise supervising a traffic stop prior to a 28-year-old suspect opening fire on her. No arrests have actually been made.

The suspect’s car crashed not far from the scene of the June 1 shooting. He got away from it, police stated, and remains at large although officials have actually stated he is 28 years of age.

Ballesteros also provided a few words for the injured officer shot on Sunday.

Tarrion Johnson, 19, faces charges of attempted murder, attempted robbery with a firearm, aggravated cruelty to animals and injury to a police animal

‘To my fellow brother in blue who was recently injured in the line of duty: Don’t ever feel alone because you have a whole line of support from the blue family that wishes you a speedy recovery,’ she said.

An officer with the U.S. Marshals Service’s fugitive apprehension group and his police canine were likewise shot Thursday on the city’s Northwest Side while serving a warrant.

The officer was shot in the hand but declined to be taken to a hospital. The dog remained in intensive care at an emergency veterinary medical facility.

The supposed shooter, 19-year-old Tarrion Johnson, has actually been charged with attempted murder, attempted burglary with a gun, aggravated cruelty to animals, and injury to a police animal.

Overall crime in Chicago has actually risen considering that in 2015 by 35 percent in spite of shooting events decreasing by 16 percent. There were 952 shootings reported in the exact same duration this year, compared to 1,135 in 2021.

Reports of burglaries, criminal sexual assault, and theft-associated criminal activities have actually all increased, while murders reported have actually declined.

On Sunday afternoon, Mayor Lori Lightfoot provided a reaction to both occurrences in a declaration, stating ‘Let me reiterate, each and every single day, on every watch, our brave males and females of the Chicago Police Department risk their lives for our security. I must ask once again when is enough, enough?’.

‘How many times must I, and my fellow mayors across the country, plead with the Senate to take action and end the easy access to illegal guns?’ the statement further read. ‘How many officers and residents must be victims of gun violence before we act?’

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot pleads the Senate ‘to take action and end the easy access to illegal guns,’ in response to both shootings

Lightfoot has actually likewise enforced a curfew for minors in particular locations of the city from Thursday up until Sunday after the death of a 16-year-old in May.

In Chicago, 21 officers have been shot since the beginning of 2022, according to NBC Chicago.

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