Ukrainian Refugees Shipped to Mexico Border Camps

His Imperial Wisdom, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., loftily declared in Brussels that Uncle Sam would be happy to host 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. The only problem is that nobody knows where to put them. That’s why, for now, they’re being drop-shipped to Mexico.


Welcome to Mexico

Somebody lied, the refugees are complaining. They were told they were getting asylum in America and now they’re stuck in Mexico. In a slum. Over the weekend, around 400 Ukrainians, a third of them children, were abandoned on the Mexican side of the border in Tijuana.

They can smell California but each and every one of them are stuck in “a makeshift refuge,” set up in what once hoped to be a sports center. There, they wait for the red tape to unwind, U.S. authorities admitted on Tuesday, April 5.

Thinking they would have been better off in the hands of the Russians, Ukrainian refugees are sleeping on the floor. Piled in with their belongings and hoping nobody steals them.

Observers note the “arrays of food supplies, blankets and children’s toys – strewn around tents and sleeping mats.” Similar herds of migrants fleeing the war are “coming in through airports in Cancun and Mexico City,” Tijuana’s migration affairs director Enrique Lucero confirms.

Camped at the entrance to the San Ysidro Port of Entry, all the Ukrainian expatriates can do is wait. Everyone else on the Mexico side of the border is doing the same thing, no matter what country they came from. Former President Donald Trump’s Title 42 is about to be lifted, along with all the restrictions preventing an invasion.

Even liberals are prepping for a “mass migration event.” As one CBP spokesunit declared, “officials are ramping up efforts to process migrants and asylum seekers, regardless of nationality, amid an expected increase in arrivals as the country lifts a pandemic-era policy that effectively shut down asylum at the border.

Continue to arrive

So far, around 1,700 Ukrainians have arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, and “they will continue to arrive.” Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus issued a press statement explaining “the agency is ramping up personnel and resources at the southwest border.

They’re promising lots and lots of overtime to any agent who takes temporary reassignment to the southern border.

Magnus doesn’t want the world to know how badly understaffed the border really is. He declined to provide “details about the number of agents being deployed or specific locations for deployments.

Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayorkas verifies that he “has already sent 600 law enforcement officers” to the Mexico border and promises to “add more as needed.

The immigration officials keep swearing up and down that they’ll “speed up processing of Ukrainian migrants” without explaining how it can possibly be done.

Don’t bother them with details, they snarl, just wait in the shelter until you’re number is called. Everyone on the Mexico side of the border is digging in and waiting for the big day. The invasion is officially slated to begin promptly on May 23.

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