My Pillow Truck Attempts To Cross Border Into Canada To Deliver 10K Pillows To Truckers and Their Kids

Mike Lindell of My Pillow wants to help the Canadian truckers however he can. One of his unvaccinated drivers has gone from Minnesota to Port Huron, Michigan to cross the border to deliver pillows to the truckers. Lindell has spoken with Trudeau in the past. The conversation didn’t work well. Trudeau would lift the tariff on his products if Lindell would use Canadian materials. Not happening.

The Pillow Guy threw in extra

When he found out the truckers’ kids were threatened by Canadian social services. His Roll ‘N’ Go Bible pillows went on the truck in addition to the rest of the shipment.

The Right Side Broadcasting Network or RSBN is live at the Port Huron border crossing. If the Pillow driver is successful, RSBN will travel with him to Ottawa.

Trudeau isn’t listening

He’s furious. He invoked an Emergency Act that allows authorities to seize bank accounts of those who are funding or helping the truckers, citizens or business.

Lindell isn’t scared. One reporter asked what he would do if Canada froze his bank accounts. “I don’t care if they freeze my account, I care about freedom.” He’s passionate about freedom for both the US and Canada.

Trudeau tried to blackmail the Pillow Guy

Trudeau wasn’t happy with Trump’s tariffs so he sent a letter to Lindell. My Pillow has a distribution center in Montreal, Quebec. Lindell said, “It was like blackmail. If you manufacture them up here, all the raw materials you send up here, we won’t put a tariff on them.”

Lindell had a special on the Canadian Shopping Channel. He had to rush people into Canada from the US to train workers two weeks before the special and at that, he got canceled. “The Canadian Shopping Channel were the first ones to cancel My Pillow. The lousy, lousy shopping channel canceled me. We lost all of our box stores in Canada, too, Costco being the worst.”

The Pillow Guy isn’t quiet

About the US election fraud in 2020. His bank, Heartland Financial MN Bank and Trust sent him an unsigned letter at the end of a business day that said he had seven days to remove funds from a number of accounts he has there, among them is a charitable organization.

All the profits from the book that tells his life story, “What Are The Odds—From Crack Addict to CEO,” go into his Christian non-profit charity to help drug addicts. Lindell was disgusted at the cowardly letter sent so he couldn’t respond. But that doesn’t matter. He has banks ready to help him. “They are smaller banks, not the big ones, but there are still a lot of good people out there.”

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