Watch: Hundreds of Teens Go On Destructive Rampage

Somewhere between 3-400 juvenile delinquent teens were dropped off by their negligent custodians at the Putt Putt Fun Center in Memphis, Tennessee on Sunday. Not only were they breaking quarantine rules, these children of darkness weren’t happy until they trashed the place.

Teens gone wild

One of the most violent rioters was caught on video. She was later described by witnesses as a girl who had been wandering around the facility for at least two hours. She claimed the reason for her outrage was being denied a refund when the mob of teens were asked to leave.

As related by Memphis police, as the complainer went out of control against management, “one person began to throw fireworks in the crowd which caused a stampede.” As teens scattered, “a teenage boy began pulling plants out of flower pots.” An officer saw the 13-year-old suspect “take one of the plants and throw it at a black sedan parked on the parking lot.”

The parent company, Golf and Games, issued a formal statement on their Facebook page apologizing for the rioting teens. They weren’t happy to have to report that “unfortunately, yesterday evening we had an incident that we have never experienced in 57 years of business.” They were open but due to the state’s Covid-19 restrictions, had to limit the number of patrons. The herd of abandoned teenagers far exceeded the quota.

The parents were irresponsible

They didn’t call local parents “irresponsible” but most Americans would agree that they were. “Parents chose to leave large groups of teenagers at our facility without parental supervision.” Teens usually act fairly responsibly, even in groups, but these are unusual times and children are especially vulnerable to media propaganda. If the parents were with them, none of the violence would have started.

According to Golf and Games, “Some of those people chose to create a disturbance the likes of which we have never seen. We are very thankful that none of our Golf and Games family or customers were injured in this situation.” Laws vary from place to place but this would be a perfect instance to apply the rules that hold parents responsible for the acts of their out of control teens.

The golf center is “actively working with authorities to identify those involved and hold them accountable for their actions.” Of course, this event spoiled things for everyone. Teens will always be suspect now. “Going forward, all minors must be accompanied by their parent or guardian while at Golf and Games. Anyone that is left unattended will be asked to leave.”

You can’t blame the business owners. after all, they are running a family oriented business. “We are and always have tried to be the locally owned place for family entertainment for almost six decades. And we will always welcome those who choose to share their family experiences with us.” All it takes is one unruly mob of teens to ruin things for everyone.

    1. The PC Thought Police would have shut this whole report down.
      What most folks know to be true about our society cannot be spoken.
      But for now it’s best to speak at the ballot box.

  1. Of course they were ALL black. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll go home and shoot each other up for a while. Animals!! F’n animals.

  2. More peaceful rampages, according to Jerry Nadler?
    Orwell was correct. Our society is invaded by a social cancer.

  3. Black teens sees it as normal reaction……low IQ or what You’ll never see a white group of teens the size of this black mob which is in sync with what is going on all over lately…. More like animals but not as resourceful as the real animals. These fools left to themselves would self destruct

  4. Disgusting and good to hear the owners are standing up for law and order and demanding that the parents be held responsible. The parents should pay for all of the damages and then beat the crap out of thier unruly mod bitches. Definitely stand by your policy of having parents accompany their brats and stay with them. Do not allow this rampage to just be swept under the rug and hope it doesnt happen again—it doesnt work that way. If these rotten thugs arent held accountable this time you can bet they will keep doing this. Stand your ground!!! I would press charges on them and make them go to juvy court and have a record.

    1. If there are no stern consequences to this behavior, no stiff penalties for these acts then this behavior is forthcoming anywhere.

  5. This kind of action does hard to Black Lives Matter, but since BLM is harping for EQUAL JUSTICE then prosecute the rioters once they are known. That is EQUALITY!!!!!

  6. Do I blame the kids for their anti-social behavior? Hell yes. When kids reach a certain age they think of themselves as grown up, therefore yhey start to mimic grown-up behavior. What does the media show as grown-up behavior currently? Rioting, looting and generally un-civil actions. Why are there grown-ups behaving this way? Because they are being allowed to with impunity.. They are being enabled by some lily livered mayors who are allowing rampant dis-order to fester and spread. Others elsewhere see this and become emboldened by the lack of any repercussions (they can get away with it therefore so can I). Add to that an apparent lack of parenting skills by some and a strange liberal agenda. GOD Bless America and please send down a huge shipment of sanity to protect and save our country.

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