Shocking Details Emerge about BLM Money Trail

Black Lives Matter reportedly transferred millions of dollars to a nonprofit run by the spouse of a cofounder to purchase a Canadian mansion which once served as a Communist Party headquarters. Patrisse Khan-Cullors, one of the founders of BLM and a self-proclaimed Marxist, resigned from the organization last year after multiple spending controversies surfaced. BLM as an organization is still sifting through the wreckage she has left behind.

BLM bought Canadian  mansion

The former executive director stepped down from her position with BLM last year after members of her own organization started to ask questions about her spending practices.

Along with what appeared to be a scheme to funnel money from her nonprofit organizations to a for profit company she was affiliated with, Patrisse Cullors has a history of extravagant spending.

The most relevant portion of the scandal was her purchase of several expensive homes in upscale majority-white neighborhoods.

There has not been any proof that Cullors made these purchases with illegally acquired cash, but it all looked very hypocritical for an avowed Marxist and anti-white activist.

After months of trying to dodge her scandals, Cullors was finally forced to leave BLM after rank and file members decided that they’d had enough of her spending decisions.

BLM activists may be unpleasantly surprised to see that Cullor’s scandals seem to have outlived her time with the organization.

Cullors’ scandals outlive her

The Toronto mansion which now hosts the Wildseed Centre for Art & Activism was purchased for $6.3 million in cash; much of that reportedly came directly from BLM’s stockpile of donation money.

Canadian BLM activists are angered by the fact that their leadership chose to spend their money on a vanity project art mansion without even consulting them.

Supporters say that money should have gone towards helping struggling black people, rather than funding a bourgeois setting for terrible modern art.

Marxists spending extravagantly on themselves and their vanity projects while the poor are overlooked is nothing new, but Patrisse Cullors made a real habit out of it.

The BLM leader benefitted from the fact that her organization brought in mountains of donations from corporate sponsors and the general public in the aftermath of the George Floyd protests.

Cullors may be a devoted Marxist, but when she found herself in charge of spending oceans of money, spending wildly on herself and her friends seems to have come naturally.

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