New Revelations About the FBI Come to Light

The FBI continues to reveal itself as a deeply corrupt and partisan institution. With a dramatically rising murder rate across the country and ongoing revelations emerging from the story of the intentionally botched Larry Nasser investigation, the bloated federal agency is implicating itself as having run a politically contrived and incompetently handled investigation into the events of January 6, events in which is reported to have been intimately involved.

FBI had informant in Capitol crowd

It may be remembered that the much publicized plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer last year turned out to have been little more than a hoax led and organized by employees of the FBI.

After months of feeding wild speculation about an allegedly coordinated and planned attack on the Capitol, we have now learned that the FBI knew that this was all a lie from the beginning.

An informant in the crowd was reportedly sending live updates to the agency while protesters entered the Capitol, an entry which he confirmed showed no signs of prior planning or organization.

This explains why the FBI has since spent months feverishly searching for the slightest evidence of premeditation and rounding up hundreds of individuals who did little more than stroll around the building for a few moments.

Having roused a manic liberal obsession with the concept of a planned invasion of the Capitol and an attempted coup, the bureau could not admit to the public that it was all a lie, despite knowing from the beginning that this was the case.

There has never been a shred of evidence produced to support any of the conspiracy theories promoted by Congress and the mainstream media in relation to January 6.

Attempting to manufacture a narrative

The unscrupulous Federal Bureau of Investigation is, according to the latest reports on the case, attempting to retroactively produce evidence to support a narrative which it knew was false on January 6.

This should be extremely concerning to anyone who values justice or transparency and, taken with other recent developments, proves that the FBI urgently needs to be shut down completely and replaced.

Testimony from gymnasts who experienced abuse at the hands of Larry Nasser implies that the leadership of the FBI was actively choosing to not put a stop to these crimes.

In addition to protecting known abusers and running entrapment schemes, the bureau is infested with partisan bias at every level.

The widespread misdeeds at the FBI indicate that this is an institutional problem which cannot be solved by the removal of only a few guilty individuals.

The entire agency would, under a decent government, be dismantled and rebuilt as a new institution without such a disgraceful history of corruption and immorality at every level.

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