Michelle Obama’s Golden Child is About to See Jail Time

Jussie Smollett is finally set to see time possible time in jail for his 2019 fake hate crime stunt. The criminal trial for the actor has begun in Chicago, despite an alleged attempt by Michelle Obama and Chicago prosecutors to protect the actor from the felony charges which came from his staging a fake crime. Smollett has pleaded not guilty to charges which could land him in prison for up to three years if he is convicted.

A very fake hate crime

It should have been immediately apparent to anyone with a functional brain that the Jussie Smollett attack was a poorly staged hoax when the story emerged nearly three years ago.

Instead, celebrities, politicians, the media, and even Donald Trump took Smollett at his word and expressed sympathy for the previously obscure actor.

The absurd story was that Smollett had been jumped one night by individuals who recognized him as a gay and black actor from “Empire” and screamed “this is MAGA country.” before pouring bleach on him and placing a noose around his neck.

The first of many problems with this tale is that it supposedly took place in a part of Chicago which is most certainly not, in fact, MAGA country.

Another glaring problem is the fact that we’re supposed to believe that anyone would recognize an obscure actor 90% of the country had ever heard of before this particular incident.

Most importantly, we know that almost all of these supposed hate crimes carried out by conservatives in this country turn out to be entirely fictional. As humans we have the ability to recognize patterns.

Smollett finally facing jail time

Smollett should have been prosecuted as soon as it was confirmed that the supposed assault was entirely staged.  Instead, prosecutors dropped all charges in an attempt to protect the disgraced actor.

Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff allegedly played a role in establishing that Smollett would get away with his crimes without ever seeing a day in court.

Even other Democrats condemned the refusal to prosecute Smollett, pointing out that the actor was being allowed to get away with a crime simply because he was wealthy and connected.

After a special prosecutor was appointed to handle the case Smollett was finally indicted by a grand jury, though his trial continued to be delayed until now.

The actor is charged with filing multiple false reports to the Chicago police. There is a real concern that, even if convicted, he will get away without ever getting the sentence he deserves.

The actor has already been shown to have the support of powerful friends, including people intimately connected to Michelle Obama. The legal system in this country being what it is, Smollett might already have his get out of jail free card.

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