Trump SMOKING GUN? Dems Think So

Donald Trump’s election hopes may have just taken another blow.

There is a lawsuit working its way through the courts regarding a data breach of Georgia election machines.

As it turns out, when the breach happened, there were people deemed allies of Trump’s in the room.

Video Evidence

When Coffee County Republican Party Cathy Latham testified, she stated she had only popped into the area where the breach occurred for a few seconds.

Prosecutors had a video that showed her in the area for hours.

She was there because a deep-dive forensic audit of the machines was taking place on behalf of the Trump campaign.

The fact that the audit occurred at the time of the breach and that Latham was in the room and seemed to lie about her whereabouts has a lot of people pointing fingers.

Latham’s attorney tried to play it down, stating, “Failing to accurately remember the details of events from almost two years ago is not lying.”

We all know that will not fly with the media or Democrats.

I do not know how they will hang this on Trump, but you better believe they will try their best to do just that.

Source: Washington Examiner

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