Breaking: Bound, Gagged Body Found Rotting

Police were called to the Coney Island Boardwalk to recover the remains of a body which had been discovered by three homeless men. The corpse was bound, gagged, and in a severely advanced state of decomposition which precluded any quick identification attempts.

Corpse found under Coney Island Boardwalk

The homeless men were working to expand their camp beneath the boardwalk when they broke down a makeshift wall and discovered the remains.

Who exactly called 911 is unclear, but the men managed to alert police somehow and bring them to the scene.
Clothed in only a tank top and boxer shorts, the body is believed to belong to a male, though nothing else is known about him, assuming that it is, in fact, a him.

The remains were reported to be largely skeletal, indicating that the corpse had lain hidden under the boardwalk for a great deal of time.

An upcoming autopsy will attempt to determine the precise age, sex, and cause of death, though foul play is obviously involved.

The body was found with a rope tied around the hands and duct tape covering the mouth. Little else will be known about the gruesome discovery until a full autopsy can be conducted.

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