This Democrat Rep’s Wife FULLY Supports Domestic Terrorist Group

The wife of a prominent Wisconsin Democrat and member of the House of Representatives is evidently an enthusiastic supporter of Antifa. Tawni Kind, wife of Rep. Ron Kind, liked a tweet which stated that “everyone should be Antifa” in response to a post from Republican Rep. Nancy Mace detailing vandalism and harassment she faced at her South Carolina home from Antifa affiliated leftists.

Democrats endorse Antifa again

Representative Mace expressed her anger at the fact that her home was targeted by Antifa vandals who terrorized her family and neighbors, seeking to intimidate the Congresswoman.

Responses from Democrats further mocked Rep. Mace and praised the actions of the people who attacked her home. Tawni Kind apparently approved of one of these replies in particular.

This tweet, posted by an individual with the name “SavySuzy Will Rise Up” and a profile picture which appears to show a middle-aged woman, is a wholehearted endorsement of the radical anarcho-communist group.

According to SavySuzy, “anyone can be Antifa” and “everyone should be Antifa.” The tweet also claims that Antifa simply means “anti-fascist” and that the American soldiers of the Second World War were all Antifa.

Mrs. Kind later retracted her like after it was discovered by Breitbart News, which unsuccessfully attempted to solicit a comment from her husband and his office.

If she could be confronted on the subject, it would be interesting to know why Tawny Kind felt the need to retract her apparent approval of something which “everyone should be.”

Dems compare Antifa to WW2 soldiers

The truth, of course, is that Democrats like Tawny Kind and SavySuzy know exactly what Antifa is. Pretending that the group doesn’t exist or that it simply means “anti-fascist” is completely disingenuous.

Antifa exists to attack and intimidate those who oppose the left. Milquetoast Democrats are perfectly willing to cover up for this group even when they see direct evidence of their actions.

Likewise, Antifa and their supporters are being blatantly dishonest when they claim that American soldiers in the Second World War were at all like Antifa.

It may be giving them too much credit to imagine that the Democrats who make this claim have given it any serious thought, but the idea of American soldiers in 1944 having any resemblance to rioters in Portland or Seattle should be laughable.

The men who stormed the beaches of Normandy would undoubtedly be considered fascists by the Antifa of 2021; they were overwhelmingly Christian white men. There is no demographic which Antifa more passionately despises.

How much of this Antifa themselves are aware of is up for debate. Tawny Kind and her husband, however, are completely aware of what this violent, radical, communist group stands for.

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