Virtue Signaling Backfires, Democrat Stripped of Duties

It remains to be seen what’s going to happen with the Texas Democrats that may have all but left their position. Their pay has been shut off as of Aug. 31. Any negotiations would have to involve reinstating pay. At least one was demoted. Democrat Rep. Joe Moody has been relieved of his Speaker position. If he’s not there to perform his duties, it makes sense. Mr. Moody mocked the move.

The Democrat isn’t at his job

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan wrote a memo without giving reasons. “Pursuant to my authority under House Rule 1 Section 10, I have relieved Representative Joe Moody from his position as Speaker Pro Tempore for the 87th Legislature, effective immediately,”

Moody and his colleagues fled the state toward the more welcoming Washington, DC to keep an election bill from passing in Texas. They’re hoping to make deals to pass the We The People act and federalize elections.

The Democrat is holding up more than voting

Retired teacher relief is also on the line. Or does Rep. Moody think the voting is a higher priority? Maybe if voting is federalized it will weigh far more heavily for the Democrats.

Democrat Moody’s mock: “The most important titles in my life will never change: Dad, Husband, El Pasoan. Nothing political has ever even cracked the top three, so nothing has changed about who I am or what my values are.”

Democrats don’t want to fight fair

Governor Greg Abbott spoke on Fox, “What the law is, it’s in the Constitution, and that is the house, the State House of Representatives who were here in the Capitol in Austin right now, they do have the ability to issue a call to have their fellow members who are not showing up to be arrested, but only so long as that arrest is made in the state of Texas. That’s why they have fled the state. Once they step back into the state of Texas, they will be arrested and brought to the Texas Capitol, and we will be conducting business.”

The Governor’s hands are tied. They really can’t do anything til the Democrats return to the state. Curiously, the Democrats acted much like illegals. They deliberately chose a Democrat friendly area, Washington, DC. If they’d gone to West Virginia or Arizona, the governors would have sent them back.

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