Elizabeth Warren Pushing to Regulate Things So Normal Every Day People Can’t Make Millions

When what you say and what you do are two different things…Democrats say they are for the “little people”. What they DO is talk to their wealthy buddies to ask what THEY need. Suddenly those little people found out how the stock market is played and those who normally rake in the money lost it. We find Senator Warren’s true colors. Senator Warren sent a letter to the SEC asking it to investigate Reddit posts.

People need income

That’s been denied to them to due COVID. Senator Warren, your party is sitting on money Americans need to pay the rent and put food on the table. Some people found a way to pay their bills through the stock market.

Redditors that work the stock market found that hedge funds had shorted a ton of GameStop stock. Investors started buying the stock, sending it surging 600%! Hedge funds lost about $5 billion.

People aren’t stupid

Americans have ingenuity and provided government gets out of the way, we’ll make things happen. Robinhood responded, trying to keep the tide down, making sure the option was to sell, not to buy.

Robinhood then had a lot of angry investors giving the app one star, which the company then had to delete as fast as they came in.

People that understand the market

Started working it the same way the professionals do. Warren spoke with the Acting SEC chair. “To what extent did online message boards, such as those on Reddit… impact the fluctuation of GameStop’s share prices? Did any of these practices violate existing securities laws? What steps will the SEC take to ensure that securities markets better reflect prices that are in line with the intrinsic and fundamental value of underlying companies?”

Elizabeth Warren used to hate Wall Street, she was considered a threat. Suddenly it’s reversed. “Elizabeth Warren likes to pretend she stands with “the little guy,” but in reality, she’s a tool of the very hedge funds and financial elites that she fraudulently decries,” tweeted Donald Trump Jr. As expected, she receives donations from Wall Street such as Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments and Morgan Stanley.

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