White House Rolls Out Rock Star Lineup as They Move to Open America

Americans need hope. We need to know there’s a time in the near future when we can resume daily commerce and life again. President Trump has always wanted to keep the United States open for business. It comes as no surprise then that he’ll put the best and brightest on the job. The President has called the task force the “Opening Our Country Council”. We’ll get the job done and make American great again.

Moving forward to “Open for Business” again

Those who are being considered are experts in finance and personnel. Business leaders, physicians and state government officials will also be on the team.

President Trump pulled no punches in his zeal to open the United States again. “The cure can’t be worse than the problem itself, right?” he asked.

We have almost 17 million unemployed Americans due to the virus. It’s the number one priority for the council to get the economy back up to the great numbers it was displaying.

Administration leaders have emphasized that a timeline shuold be used for reopening. Guidelines are being worked on for this to happen in May in areas of the nation that the virus isn’t as much of a threat. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin put the decision on Trump. We’ll reopen where Trump is comfortable with the health level.

“We are making everything necessary that American companies and American workers can be open for business and that they have the liquidity that they need to operate their business in the interim,” he stated.

Experts have worried that we shouldn’t go back to work til the level of cases drops. The US hasn’t seen the drop yet but cases have also been much lower than predicted.

Dr. Fauci is confident the social distancing is working. “At the same time as we’re seeing the increase in deaths, we’re seeing a rather dramatic decrease in the need for hospitalizations,” he explained. “We’re going in the right direction.”

The virus will not beat us, we’re better than that

Attorney General William Barr was optimistic as well. We should reevaluate to see if lock down conditions are still necessary the end of April.

The CDC changed it’s guidelines for essential workers exposed to the virus. They could keep working if no symptoms were displayed.

President Trump expressed his belief that we’d experience an economic boom once the economy is reopened.

“I think the economy is going to do very well. Now, that’s just my feeling. It’s a strong feeling. I’ve had good, proper feelings about a lot of things over the years. And I think we’re going to do well.” he said.

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  1. OK, pay attention, the same Hollywood crowd telling us to stay home, wear mask and keep our social distances are making TV shows and movies. The liberal politicians are living their lives without fear of losing their income because we pay it while we lose not only our income but everything. The CDC and the state figures on the virus has been padded to gain funds and control the population through fear. We have seen where over 600 deaths were reported due to covac19 and it turns out all but about 163 were due to anything and everything except covac19. 600,000 test reported as positive and not one of the 600,000 ever had the test. We have seen where the numbers have been padded by using prior months of figures added to this month to boost the number of fatalities and active virus. So we do not know what is reality and what is faked to control us and keep us from living our lives as we normally would. But we do know we can not trust the media or the CDC on reporting what is going on with covac19 other than it is a virus and folks that is about all we can trust.

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