Trump Made HUGE Reversal… Supporters Left Stunned

Donald Trump finally gets it.

Early voting and mail-in voting are here to stay.

If we don’t get it figured out and take advantage of it, the same way the Democrats have, we could lose every general election we have.

So, Trump is now pivoting, getting behind the idea of using ballot harvesting to win an election.

Game Changer

Trump stated, “In the states where ballot harvesting is still legal, we have no choice but to beat the Democrats at their own game.

“Either we start ballot harvesting or you can just wave goodbye to our country… We have to get smart.

“Our harvested ballots will only come from legal registered voters who are American citizens.

“With your help, we will master the Democrats’ game of ballot harvesting and we will win back the White House from Joe Biden.”

When you think about it, if we embrace this and truly get behind it, it will be far better for conservatives than liberals.

First, we work, so we do not have to worry about missing out on election day because we could not get to the polls.

Second, a significant portion of our base is elderly, which means weather or health could prevent them from getting to the polls on election day.

If you still want to pull the handle on election day, by all means, do it, but let’s mobilize and beat Democrats at their own game, just as Trump stated.

Honestly, after the debacle in 2020, leadership in the party should have put a plan in place and figured this out already.

Had they done, maybe, just maybe, Democrats would not be holding the Senate right now.

Source: Just the News

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