Massive SCANDAL Rocks Pentagon… Complete BETRAYAL

During the 2022 election, the medical records of a GOP veteran who was running for office were leaked.

Those records were leaked without her authorization.

Well, it turns out that was just one of a handful of incidents, all against GOP candidates.


There are some very strict laws in place to protect our medical history.

To the point that if you have a service animal and present your paperwork, they cannot even ask you what condition the animal is being used to treat.

So, imagine your full folder being leaked to the media by the very branch of the service you served to score political points for the Democrat Party.

That is what the Air Force did to seven veterans who were running for Congress.

Not only was the information released, but it was released to a Democrat research firm.

Speaker McCarthy (R-CA) vowed to get to the bottom of this horrific leak.

He stated, “This isn’t going to go away quietly.

“It wasn’t on just one person.

“It was all these Republicans running.

“We’re gonna have to just not clamp down on that, [but] look to see if it’s happened anywhere else.”

There were actually more, if you can believe that, but those names were not revealed because they were not running for office.

Philip Letsou, a National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesperson, said: “Senate Democrats should explain why they continue to pay an opposition research firm best known for illegally obtaining veterans’ military records.”

What is truly sad is that every one of these individuals found out about the records leak from the media, not the Air Force.

Source: Politico

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