White House Tried to SHUT IT DOWN… It’s a COVER UP

It looks like the White House was trying to strong-arm some Democrat mayors again.

This time, it was the mayor of El Paso.

If reports are accurate, the White House did not want Mayor Oscar Leeser to declare an emergency for fear of how it would be perceived.

Don’t Do It!

Councilmember Claudia Rodriguez gave up the tapes to the New York Post.

Rodriguez claims to have had a conversation with Mayor Leeser regarding his conversation with the White House about an emergency declaration.

She stated, “He told me the White House asked him not to.”

Leeser has apparently granted that request.

This is happening even though he is facing pressure from his city council members to declare an emergency.

As happens with the federal government, declaring such a state opens up the use of emergency funding.

So, in essence, Biden is preventing El Paso from being able to better manage this situation.

The city has, however, opened up the Migrant Situational Awareness Dashboard, which gives a much better picture of the sheer volume of illegals crossing into the United States via El Paso.

The city went from seeing 1,700 releases per week to over 6,800.

The city provides almost 1,000 meals per day to these migrants, yet Joe Biden worries about optics.

Source: Fox News

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