SHOCK POLL Delivers Bad News to Entire Democrat Party

Democrats are doing everything they can to take attention away from the economy.

Joe Biden gave a divisive speech with a blood-red background calling out MAGA Republicans.

Now his administration is slamming Republican governors for shipping illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

Of course, there is also the abortion issue.

The sleight of hand, however, is not working.

Bad News

The economy remains the number one concern for most Americans, and most Americans do not trust Democrats to fix the issue.

The latest New York Times/Sienna poll found that while 52 percent of voters would prefer Republicans run the show, only 38 percent trust Democrats to get things straightened out.

A whopping 76 percent of voters stated this would be an “extremely important” issue when they headed to the election booth in November.

Another report came out that also hit Democrats and proved that Joe Biden’s plan is crushing the average American household…

The latest inflation report was crushing, even though Biden tried to put a positive spin on it.

The really damaging report was the rise in core prices, however.

Americans are getting crushed and all the money they made throughout the Trump presidency is gone, with most bank accounts going backward for months.

Money talks… and Joe Biden is costing a lot of people their money.

Source: Daily Caller

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