Dems Handed SHOCKING Defeat! America First Begins to Canvas Nation

New Jersey Democrats have officially received a truly shocking defeat in New Jersey now that Senate President Steve Sweeney has finally conceded in his race against the obscure truck driver who ran against him as a Republican. Edward Durr’s victory over the longtime senate president was one of the most dramatic election night upsets and one of the most powerful displays of just how unpopular Biden and his party have become.

A very humiliating defeat for Democrats

Sweeney had previously refused to concede to Durr, even after it should have been very apparent that the upstart truck driver had given him a convincing defeat.

The senate president claimed that there were still thousands of newly discovered ballots which might give him a chance to overcome his opponent again.

This extremely suspicious contention did not pan out and Sweeney remained behind in the race, forcing him to concede to Durr and acknowledge that there had been a “red wave” in New Jersey.

Durr has practically no political experience and worked until recently as a truck driver for a furniture company. He seems to have decided to run essentially on a whim.

The Republican made few public appearances to meet with voters and filmed a campaign video on a smartphone, competing an opponent with vast reserves of experience and resources.

Durr estimated that he spent something like $10,000 on his campaign in total, most of it coming from small local donors who wanted to support his effort.

“Red wave” in New Jersey

He certainly had no attention from the wider Republican Party, which was presumably just as shocked by the defeat of Sweeney as the Democrats were.

Sweeney himself spent about $600,000 on his losing race and had the support of other leading Democrats throughout New Jersey.

Those Democrats still managed to underestimate Edward Durr, who seems to have also underestimated himself; Durr has admitted that he did not expect to actually win the race.

The former truck driver does not seem to have done anything particularly impressive or noteworthy in his campaigning. In fact, he hardly campaigned at all.

The fact that Republican candidate did almost nothing and still managed to hand a defeat to one of the most powerful Democrats in the state shows just how bad the situation is for the Dems.

It is probably safe to assume that most of the people who voted for Edward Durr did not even  know who he was. New Jersey voters were just ready to vote for anyone on the ballot who was not a Democrat. That is not a good sign for Steve Sweeney’s party.

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