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Explosive Docs: Whistle Blower Spills the Beans on AG Garland

A leaked email from a whistle blower reveals that the FBI is already using counterterrorism tactics to track parents who are accused of “threatening” school officials for protesting at school board meetings and fighting against critical race theory and bizarre gender policies in public schools. The Department of Justice has previously downplayed this issue and denied that ordinary parents were being treated as domestic terror suspects. This says otherwise.

Whistle blower leaks FBI email

There’s no evidence that parents are threatening to get violent in response to school boards which allow their children to be raped in school and demonize them for their race.

That said, it would be hard to find fault with parents who did get angry enough in these cases. The FBI claims that these are the people it is targeting.

Any harassment and intimidation, according to the whistle blower, is included under the category of parental misdeeds which the Department of Justice is focusing on.

It has been clear from the start that the definition of harassment and intimidation being employed by the feds includes any level of active protest at school board meetings.

Anyone who denies that this email shows the FBI discussing plans to deploy federal resources against rightfully angry parents for political purposes is a liar.

If they were interested in real  intimidation and harassment they could visit Kenosha and put a stop to the blatant jury intimidation happening in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

whistle blower

Feds attacking parents

Of course, the FBI is firmly in one political camp.  The “domestic war on terror” has begun and it is implicitly meant to suppress political dissent and frighten opponents of the regime into submission.

Congressional Republicans now have one more piece of evidence which shows that the Department of Justice is attacking the 1st Amendment rights of American citizens and that Merrick Garland is lying about it.

If the GOP, having received this email from their whistle blower, does not relentlessly pursue the Department of Justice and keep going until the entire department is purged they all deserve to lose their jobs.

House Republicans are advertising this fact to voters because they know that Americans are passionate about these issues and want to vote for people who will do something about them.

Glenn Youngkin won in Virginia because he promised to fight against this sort of behavior from Democrats. Republicans are well positioned to retake Congress in 2022 partly because of those promises.

Now is the time to show voters that their elected representatives will actually stand up to the DOJ and the FBI and do something tangible to defend the free speech of American parents.

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