Death Blow to Party, Another House Dem Says She’s Out

Democrats, you didn’t really think Americans would be happy to pay more everywhere, did you? It hasn’t even been a year. You can gaslight and tell people everything is coming up roses but when you start getting hit in the wallet, people aren’t going to approve of you. Some people are happy as long as Trump isn’t President, doesn’t matter the cost. Their party needs to be in that White House seat.

The party of robbery and kickbacks

If the Biden administration was helping Americans rather than taking from them, some party members wouldn’t be defecting. The job can become intolerable. How much do Democrat pollsters try to bolster the President? Even with their support, another Democrat wants to leave the party.

The latest Democrat to back out is Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) announced she wouldn’t run in 2022. It isn’t necessarily a huge loss since her district is heavily Democrat. The party would likely just send another Dem.

Party retirees

Vermont Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy maybe seeing it’s time to retire. He’s not seeking reelection next year. Vermont is a sapphire blue. Although Governor Scott is Republican, the state is heavily Democrat.

The Washington Post explained, “Eight Democrats have chosen not to run for reelection in 2022, with more probably on the way. Members of Congress … don’t usually leave their jobs unless they are pushed out by voters, or feel like they are about to be relegated to permanent minority status. Like a Waffle House closing ahead of a hurricane, the Retiree Index can be a sign for Congress watchers — along with ominous polling and a surprise loss in what was supposed to be a safe election (in this case, Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s defeat in the Virginia governor’s race) — that the majority is about to get walloped. Some members may be getting out before their work situations go from intense to intolerable.”

Party upsets

Virginia and New Jersey were upsets in that they might actually have been honest. After the 2020 election, you don’t dare suggest votes were “found” and that was attempted again. In spite of the main stream media trying to dismiss it, a lot of people watched that night. We know what the party did.

Nathaniel Rakich of remarked, “If I were the Democratic Party, I’d be feeling less comforted by that number after Tuesday. While polls are usually in the right ballpark, they are still subject to a margin of error, as Democrats themselves discovered in 2020, when the generic-ballot polls overestimated their margin by 4.2 points. Plus, there was already good reason to think that generic-ballot polls right now are overestimating Democrats: Almost all so far have surveyed registered voters rather than likely voters, who tend to be a more Republican-leaning group, especially in a midterm election when the president is a Democrat.”

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