Covid Origins Report Released and It’s Worse Than Expected

The report delivered by the agencies which have been tasked with investigating the origins of Covid-19 by President Joe Biden has revealed that American intelligence agencies are still completely unable to make a conclusive judgment about the true origins of the pandemic. Worse still, the report confirms that the world is unlikely to learn any more about many of the most important questions surrounding the pandemic any time soon.

Covid report inconclusive

While it was once considered by many Democrats to be an insane conspiracy theory, the possibility of Covid originating in a lab in Wuhan, China has never been fully discounted by scientists and intelligence agencies.

When President Biden took office the United States intelligence community was given a mandate to produce a definitive report into this and other questions within 90 days.

The intelligence community concluded in its report that the two leading theories will remain plausible but impossible to prove for the foreseeable future.

The first is the possibility that the virus could have simply passed naturally from animals to humans in Wuhan, likely in the unsanitary markets which were initially suspected.

The alternative theory posits that the outbreak could have emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology through a lab accident.

The intelligence community is somewhat confident, though not sure, that Covid was not intentionally engineered in China as a biological weapon.


Answers dependent on China

China apparently prefers the biological weapon explanation but instead shifts the blame to the United States. This accusation has not been taken seriously outside of China.

Clearly, however, China has no intention of taking the blame for the global pandemic, regardless of the manner in which the virus first emerged in Wuhan.

The U.S. intelligence community acknowledges that without full cooperation from China it will be nearly impossible to find any conclusive answers about the causes for the initial outbreak.

Even if China does decide to cooperate in the future, which seems very unlikely, there will be no way to judge with confidence that crucial details have not already been covered up by the Chinese government.

Regardless of how it happened, it is clear that China has acted selfishly and dishonestly at every stage of the pandemic.

It is also clear that for as long as this continues to be the case the U.S. intelligence community will be wholly incapable of reaching any credible conclusions regarding the origins of the Covid pandemic.

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