Insane Footage Flooding in From the Rebellion

A protest or rebellion can be the beginning of war. This can happen anywhere. Incredibly, Melbourne, Australia is still in lockdown. Add to that a mandated vaccine and any human being is going to start to push back. It’s been 18 months since the COVID BS started. Some authority was chased out. But you need to overwhelm authority in more than one way. It’s been done multiple times throughout history.

Melbourne’s rebellion

Even one of the safest cities in the world can have breaking points if government proposes endless lock downs in order to “keep us safe”. One Twitter user tweeted out a video of police getting chased, then firepower was pulled out.

Another Twitter user mentioned the kids suffer from lock down too. They can’t see their friends. This is state sanctioned child abuse.

A rebellion from many types of workers

But construction workers made up the majority. They were protesting against the union and mandated vaccines according to journalist Gus Bruno. “Insane footage coming out of the [Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union] Victoria headquarters in Melbourne. Construction workers are protesting against the union, mandatory vaccination and @DanielAndrewsMP. #springst#covid19vic.”

Several reporters and “news” outlets checked in. One fake news outlet, CNN, reported at least 235 people were arrested, 10 police officers were injured. It’s good that there were a number of people reporting. The average person recording will get footage that a news source will edit to fit their agenda.

The rebellion was blamed on extremists

The Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) put out a statement that blamed the uprising on right wing fringe groups. It was “heavily infiltrated by neo-Nazis and other right wing extremist groups.”

Another Twitter user said nice try, tweeting out a picture of men wearing the traditional turbans of the Sikh religion next to a picture of Melbourne police. “If you were trying to identify the neo-nazi group gathered in Melbourne this morning, which group would you pick?”

The rebellion of construction workers

The CFMEU was put down again by another Twitter user. Protestors crowded bridges and highways, snarling traffic.

“Construction workers block the main highway from #Melbourne in both directions of traffic in Australia to protest against compulsory vaccination and the shutdown of several construction sites in the city following their demonstration yesterday.#Melbourneprotest#CFMEU, “ the anonymous user said. There was a sea of safety vests. This wasn’t just extremists. These were normal workers just fed up with working conditions.

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