Media is Silent on Bombshell Reports

Leading Republicans are asking why the mainstream media has neglected to cover the evolving story surrounding the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China. Until recently speculation that the virus could have emerged from a virology lab in Wuhan has been suppressed by social media as misinformation and dismissed by most mainstream sources as being driven by baseless conspiracy theories. Now that the situation has changed there is a conspicuous silence.

Lab-leak theory gains supporters

The possibility of the virus having emerged from a virology laboratory near Wuhan has always been acknowledged by scientists speculating on the origins of the pandemic.

Whether intentional or not outbreaks from labs which study infectious diseases are always possible and small accidental outbreaks have been documented in China.

As with nearly every other question that emerged from the pandemic the lab theory was almost immediately politicized by the media and painted as a fringe theory.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton came under attacks early in the course of the pandemic for suggesting that the lab-leak theory deserved to be seriously investigated.

Because it was Senator Cotton, along with other prominent Republicans,  who initially began to speak out about the possibility of a lab-leak much of the media instinctively dismissed the discussion.

Once the topic became affiliated with politics it rapidly make the leap from being a legitimate concern to a dangerous conspiracy theory and piece of “misinformation.”

Media ignores new developments

After months of this treatment by the media the lab-leak theory found itself becoming credible again when Joe Biden ordered an investigation into the subject almost immediately after taking office.

Facebook has quietly retracted its policy of banning discussion and speculation about the validity of the lab-leak theory, though only after it became clear that the Biden Administration was taking it seriously.

Most of the mainstream media has continued to ignore the matter entirely, rather than admitting to having been extremely lopsided in their prior treatment of the origin theories.

It is too late for the mainstream media now to tell viewers that the lab-leak theory has some credibility, having told them for months that the idea was a far-right invention.

Unfortunately the origins of disease outbreaks are often very difficult to trace and given that this one originated in China it will be even more difficult for scientists to find the truth.

The world is unlikely to ever get a satisfactory answer to the question either way, though if one is found the media might do its best to make sure that we never hear about it.

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