Poll: 80% of America Blames Biden

According to a new poll from Fox News almost 80 percent of Americans blame the Biden Administration for rising inflation. Prices for consumer goods are rising in almost all areas, with Americans paying more for such essentials as food and fuel. While the worsening inflation trend began before Biden took office, since his arrival the rate of the price increases has accelerated each month, to the extent that normal Americans are now noticing the effects firsthand.

Poll reveals dissatisfaction with Biden

The poll records that 86 percent of Americans blame the COVID-19 pandemic for worsening economic conditions, a hardly controversial view.

More surprising is that 79 percent of Americans, according to the poll, believe that Biden Administration economic policies have contributed to the problem.

The Biden Administration inherited an economy which was likely to see increasing inflation due to the presence of the pandemic and the massive disruption it caused in many sectors.

Stimulus efforts undertaken by the Federal Reserve have contributed since the start of the pandemic and the already massive national debt is making matters worse.

While Biden did not start any of these issues, he did not move to address them after taking office in January; the Fox poll indicates that this was a mistake.

Instead of combating inflation Biden chose to repeal deregulation efforts which were associated with President Trump, primarily due to that affiliation and his desire to quickly eliminate the legacy of his predecessor.

Prices rising for consumers

Prices in many crucial industries rose as a result of these deregulation repeals, meaning that prices for the final products also rose for the average consumer.

A significant percentage of Americans are, according to the poll, experiencing difficulty in purchasing the goods they need amid the price increases.

A large majority of Americans believe that the economy is in bad shape and is likely to get worse, a bad sign for Biden if major problems continue to be blamed on his White House.

Because wages are not rising at the same pace as the prices of consumer goods, the situation is likely to become even more noticeable as expenses start to rise.

Many people who lost jobs at the beginning of the pandemic have little desire to get back to work if their likely earnings will be less than they were prior to 2020.

While the Biden Administration has expressed pride in falling unemployment numbers, most Americans are still aware that the economy is far from healthy.

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