They Are Now Openly Calling Christians ‘Terrorists’

D.C. Metropolitan Police officer Daniel Hodges apparently believes that he is qualified to decide who is or is not a real Christian. In a melodramatic testimony before the farcical January 6 committee assembled by Nancy Pelosi, the officer described the Trump supporters he encountered as “terrorists” and implied that chants such as “Jesus is king” and “Jesus is my savior” somehow indicated a dangerous and extremist ideology.

Capitol officer testifies

Daniel Hodges was the officer who got himself jammed in a doorway at the Capitol and was filmed screaming rather piteously until several protesters in the crowd noticed and helped to free him.

Hodges has furiously milked the incident since that day, becoming one of the small circle of police officers who Democrats are allowed to praise and who have taken every opportunity to lionize their deeds at a protest where the only killing was done by one of their colleagues.

As one of the many tearful testimonies at the committee hearing Hodges had once again made it back to the spotlight and he intended to use it.

He described seeing “the Christian flag” alongside a variety of other flags that apparently have some extremist affiliation now for Congress.

American flags, Trump flags, Gadsden flags, and others are all evidently suspect now, as well as whichever ” Christian flag” it was that Hodges described seeing.

Hodges phrased the statement as if there was one universally recognized Christian flag, perhaps indicating the extent of his theological knowledge.

Not real Christians?

Another source of concern for Hodges was the presence of “Thin Blue Line” imagery being carried by many of the people who he described as terrorists.

The police officers at the Capitol who shot Ashli Babbitt are, indeed, very distinct from their counterparts in the rest of the country in the eyes of Pelosi and her colleagues.

Protesters allegedly asked why they were being confronted by law enforcement where BLM was not. Hodges claims that political affiliation does not determine when force is to be used, a somewhat absurd statement.

Overall Hodges intended to imply that the Trump supporters he encountered were neither Christians nor patriots.

Some liberals have a very odd understanding of patriotism and perhaps the officer has his own subjective standard to apply.

As for the Christians, the job of determining the faith of a person usually falls to that individual and to their Creator, not to Daniel Hodges.

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