They Openly Questioned COVID-19 Vax & Big Pharma Live

Bill Maher and Joe Rogan openly questioned the COVID-19 vaccine, pharmaceutical businesses, and the medical community in general during a recent podcast that has landed them both in a firestorm of controversy.

“I also don’t trust them to tell me the truth about what they put in there,” Maher said of pharmaceutical companies and the COVID-19 vaccine.

The “Real Time with Bill Maher” host acknowledged that “we’ve come a long way just in the last 100 years”  in medical improvements. Maher likewise asserted, “We are still at the infancy of understanding how the human body works.”

“So don’t tell me things like, ‘Just do what we say. Don’t question it,'” Maher slammed health officials, adding that they have been wrong “a lot.”

Rogan added, “All the time!”

Maher said of the medical community,  “You just don’t know very much. That’s not an insult. You just don’t.”

You do not understand what all these various things. “You do not understand what the interchange of all these components is doing to me and me personally, it may be various than you.”.

“So just don’t tell me, ‘Well, we are perfectly certain that this vaccine is safe,’ or ‘We are perfectly certain that these X-rays are a low dose.’ You don’t f***ing know that. You don’t know what all these different things. There’s like 50,000 chemicals we have in our body that we didn’t have 100 years ago,” Maher said during a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.” “You don’t know what the interchange of all these elements is doing to me and me personally, it might be different than you.”

” Just do not have that mindset of, ‘Just get it in you. ‘Cause we are individuals who understand,'” Maher stated of health authorities.

Rogan stated of pharmaceutical business, “Not just that, but they’re making insane amounts of profit from that.”

“We’re supposed to pretend that they’ve been honest about the risks of things in the past,” Rogan continued. “Like that Vioxx tragedy where that anti-inflammatory medication ended up killing at least 50,000 people.”

Maher kept in mind that “hundreds of drugs” have actually been removed from the marketplace.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Merck’s pain reliever drug, marketed as Vioxx, in 1999. Merck pulled Vioxx from the market in 2004 since of issues about the increased threat of heart attacks and strokes associated with the usage of Vioxx.

“Research published in the medical journal Lancet estimates that 88,000 Americans had heart attacks from taking Vioxx, and 38,000 of them died,” according to NPR.

There were around 60,000 accident cases submitted versus Merck for Vioxx injuries, according to DrugWatch. Merck settled with a payment of $4.85 billion in 2013.

“Merck agreed to pay another $950 million to the DOJ in 2011 to resolve criminal charges and civil claims related to its alleged illegal promotion and marketing of Vioxx,” DrugWatch added. “Under the terms of the settlement, Merck also agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of a single violation of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) for introducing a misbranded drug into interstate commerce and was ordered to pay a criminal fine of $321 million.”

The outlet reported that Merck paid $628 million in a settlement to”resolve allegations regarding off-label marketing of Vioxx and false statements about the drug’s cardiovascular safety.”

Merck likewise paid $830 million to settle a class-action claim introduced by unhappy financiers.

Rogan was assaulted previously this year for remarks he made about the pandemic and COVID-19 vaccines. Spotify responded to the debate by “implementing several first-of-its-kind measures to help combat misinformation and provide greater transparency.”

In the episode, Maher and Rogan likewise discussed how they think the Democratic Party is “going to get their ass kicked” in the upcoming midterm elections due to the fact that they have utterly abandoned “common sense.”.

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