Puerto Rican Couple Dragged From Car and SHOT By Angry Mob of BLM Terrorists

A Puerto Rican woman has died after she and her boyfriend were dragged from their car and shot during a Puerto Rican Day Parade in Chicago. Videos of the attack have been widely circulated, highlighting the lawless nature of “Juneteenth” weekend. In Chicago alone at least 21 people were shot during weekend violence. Racial tensions between Latino and black populations in Chicago have been rising since the rioting and violence of last Summer.

Couple shot repeatedly in public

The couple, who had a large Puerto Rican flag on their vehicle, were leaving the parade when they were apparently involved in a minor altercation in traffic.

At least five black men then attacked the couple, dragging them from their vehicle and throwing them to the ground, where both were shot repeatedly.

24 year old Gyovanni Arzuaga was pronounced that night, while 23 year old Yasmin Perez survived in critical condition until today, June 22.

The couple lived in Chicago and had two young children. The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, but no arrests have been made so far.

On average in Chicago someone is shot roughly every two hours. Hundreds have been killed this year and more than a thousand injured by shootings.

A man was shot in his vehicle the following morning near the location of the first shooting. That man was also pronounced dead after being taken to Stroger Hospital.

Juneteenth weekend violence

Juneteenth violence was common across the country after the occasion was declared to be a federal holiday with almost unanimous support in Congress.

In North Carolina an EMT was shot at a Juneteenth celebration after responding to a medical emergency at the location.

Juneteenth parties in Oakland, California and Aurora, Colorado were interrupted by shootings that each left one dead and several wounded.

While shootings in Chicago are generally a feature of life in the Windy City, the outbursts elsewhere in the country presumably have some relation to the celebration of Juneteenth.

Gang violence and other forms of violent crime appear to have been enabled and emboldened by the existence of celebrations at which a police presence was not particularly welcome.

While Arzuaga and Perez may hopefully receive some posthumous justice if their attackers are found, the couple may not have died at all without the soft approach adopted towards crime in Chicago.

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