Chinese Doctor Uses China Virus To Push Lockdowns Longer in America

Chinese born Doctor and CNN personality Leana Wen is apparently frustrated by the amount of Americans who aren’t eager to comply with government virus policy. Wen, a former president of Planned Parenthood, indicated during an interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN that she considers pre-virus America to be a privileged state which the American people will only deserve to regain if they unhesitatingly obey Biden administration policy on lockdowns and vaccines.

CNN doctor wants more virus restrictions

In the revealing interview Wen attacked “vaccine hesitancy” as the culprit for ongoing and future lockdowns and virus related restrictions. She went on to explain that it isn’t only anti-vaccine Americans who concern her, but Americans who show any hesitation at all regarding the vaccine.

Rather than using her platform to offer her opinion on the vaccines themselves and to try to assuage the fears of the millions of Americans who are hesitant, Wen dove straight into politics.

There was no attempt at all in the interview to address the medical concerns and questions that drive the vaccine related hesitation. In fact, Wen seemed to think that these concerns aren’t worthy of being addressed, dismissing them as “anti-science.”

Instead, the doctor argued that the government must find a metaphorical carrot with which to win over hesitant Americans and quiet their concerns by offering rewards.

Where there is a carrot, however, there must be a stick. Wen did not discuss her thoughts on what the government should do to enforce the next phase of the virus response beyond claiming that the Biden administration must be “a lot bolder.”

Clearly the implication is that Wen would approve the use of force against hesitant Americans if her “carrot” approach does not reach her hoped for results.

“The experts” demand trust

Doctor Wen and her friends continue to be shocked that normal Americans have any doubts about their virus related proclamations.

While many in the American government may envy the compliant population of China, they have repeatedly found that attempting the same strategies in the United States will have very different results.

Trust in the American government under Biden and in the blatantly partisan “experts” who appear on the likes of CNN is at an all time low.

At every turn from the start of the pandemic, politicians and left wing “experts” have inspired minimal confidence in the American people through their constantly shifting and poorly constructed narratives. Wen and others have consistently claimed to have answers which don’t exist.

Wen clearly assumes that Americans simply aren’t intelligent enough to have their doubts addressed and given thoughtful responses, instead choosing to treat the public like children who shouldn’t be asking questions.

While the average viewer of CNN and Chris Cuomo might find this approach to be perfectly reasonable, Doctor Wen and her condescension is unlikely to win over any of the people whose minds she supposedly hopes to change.


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