Democrats Have Now Decided to Play Judge and Jury all at the Same Time…Seems Totally Fair

Democrats aren’t taking any chances with Donald Trump. They’re convinced they can trump conservative philosophy by playing judge, jury, and executioner, all at the same time in their kangaroo impeachment court. Yeah, that sounds totally fair.

Democrats rule it all

Democrats from coast-to-coast are smugly convinced they won the war and rule all of America. To cement their illegitimate claims of election victory they must crush Donald Trump into submission.

If they don’t, they fear an uprising from the 80 million or so Trump supporters who question the integrity of the past election and continue to believe in an outdated and debunked document called the Constitution.

One of the ways they can railroad Trump into the impeachment station is by appointing one of their most loyal Democrats to preside over the trial. Last time around, Chief Justice John Roberts served as a fair and impartial referee.

They lost that time and don’t want to make the same mistake. In typical New World Order fashion, they’re rigging the proceedings. Once again, the fix is in. It still might not work.

This week, Democrats made the proclamation that Senator Patrick Leahy, of Vermont, one of the voting “jurors” in the trial, will also serve as the presiding officer over a historic second attempt to impeach the same president.

Not only is Leahy a loyal liberal, he’s now been elevated to the position of “president pro tem of the Senate.” He got the job because he’s now the “senior senator of the party that holds the majority in the chamber.” He can play, to use a twisted phrase, “Judge Judy and executioner” for the progressive “kangaroo” court.

Still some holdouts in the Senate

Even Imperial Leader Biden was forced to admit that the Democrats can’t scrape the Senate votes together for a conviction.

Traitor Mitt Romney is terrified. Trump, he told Politico, “has the potential to continue to have a major influence on” what’s left of the Republican party.


Libertarian Senator Rand Paul is going to battle Tuesday. His plan is to force a vote on the “constitutionality” of putting Trump on trial for impeachment since he’s no longer president. If the impeachment were held with Trump still in office, the RINO migration to the Democrat side of the aisle would be a stampede.

As it is, a few of the Democrats in disguise think they can trick their constituents into voting for them again, now that they have shown their true blue colors.

The Kentucky defender of liberty in the Senate is confidant “there will be enough support on it to show there’s no chance they can impeach the president. If 34 people support my resolution that this is an unconstitutional proceeding, it shows they don’t have the votes and we’re basically wasting our time,” Senator Paul explains.

Democrats aren’t happy about that. They don’t like being forced to admit that the Constitution still has any kind of effect anymore.

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