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Michigan House Moves to STOP Governor Whitmer in Her Tracks

Republicans in Michigan are fed up with their tyrant Governor Gretchen Whitmer. State lawmakers are overturning the emergency powers Whitmer used to lock down the state over COVID-19. People have had enough of this nonsense.

Republicans challenge Democrat Governor

Senate Bill 857, sponsored by Sen. Tom Barrett, R-Charlotte, would repeal the 1945 Emergency Powers of Governor Act, which enabled Governor Gretchen Whitmer to unilaterally issue a number of draconian COVID orders, such as a mask mandate in public places, limiting crowd sizes, and closing various businesses after the legislature opted not to extend the initial state of emergency declaration on April 30.

Governor Whitmer’s use of the Emergency Powers of Governor Act was ultimately ruled unconstitutional in a split October Michigan Supreme Court decision after Republicans and others challenged the orders in state and federal courts. That left it up to the legislature to decide many of the COVID-19 executive orders invalidated by the ruling, although the state’s Department of Health and Human Services has agreed with several of Whitmer’s response measures in their public health emergency orders.

Michigan Republicans have been vocal critics of Whitmer’s COVID-19 response, claiming that she’s left the legislature out of the discussions before issuing lockdown orders and placing restrictions on in-person businesses.

Whitmer’s tyrannical COVID response

Republican Senator Tom Barrett’s legislation passed the House in a 57-43 vote. Republicans claim the Emergency Powers of Governor Act gives the governor way too much authority to act without the legislature. “I don’t care who the governor is — I think it’s improper levels of power,” Rep. Aaron Miller said. “This is not what ought to be in our state laws. This is handing over the keys.”

The bill would need to be signed by Governor Whitmer to become law. It’s no surprise that she’s expressed opposition to any legislation that would limit executive powers in the past. She’s a tyrant. Plain and simple. The people of Michigan deserve better.

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