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Okay, I am going to admit it, “assaulted” could be a bit dramatic here, but I am only going by the modern definition of assault.

I have heard leftists claim assault when a police officer puts a hand on them, so I am going to roll with it here.

According to Jared Kushner’s new memoir, former Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly left the office in a huff one day and proceeded to shove Ivanka out of the way.

Kelly is saying the story is bunk.

Hey Chief!

As Kushner tells it, a story backed up by Ivanka and one of her top aides at the time, Kelly shoved Ivanka after she said hello to him in a hall.

Kelly was apparently upset after a meeting with Trump.

Kushner wrote, “One day he had just marched out of a contentious meeting in the Oval Office.

“Ivanka was walking down the main hallway of the West Wing when she passed him.

“Unaware of his heated state of mind, she said, ‘Hello, chief.’

“Kelly shoved her out of the way and stormed by.

“She wasn’t hurt, and didn’t make a big deal about the altercation, but in his rage Kelly had shown his true character.”

He further stated, and this was backed up by Ivanka’s aide, that Kelly returned to Ivanka’s office later in the day to tell her he was sorry.

Kelly responded, “It is inconceivable that I would EVER shove a woman.

“Inconceivable. Never happen. Would never intentionally do something like that.

“Also, don’t remember ever apologizing to her for something I didn’t do. I’d remember that.”

All of these people lie so much, I have no idea who to believe.

I can see Kelly doing that just as much as I can see that worm Kushner making up the story to sell a few books.

And, let’s face it, with the book already out, there is no way Ivanka is going to sell out her husband and say he made up the story.

Who do you guys believe?

Source: New York Post

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