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Video: Lou Dobbs Goes Toe to Toe With Fox ‘News’ Hack After He Mocks GOP PA Hearing

Lou Dobbs just laid the smack down on one of the new anti-Trump reporters on Fox News. The network’s ratings have been tanking ever since their awful election coverage. Many Conservatives are looking for better alternatives. But there are still a few patriots left on Fox. Lou Dobbs is one of them.

Fox News turns on Trump

On Wednesday, Fox News host Lou Dobbs ran several segments covering the voter fraud in Pennsylvania. Rudy Giuliani joined state Republicans for a hearing where they brought forward their evidence and heard witnesses testimony.

After covering the hearing, Dobbs introduced Fox News reporter David Spunt, who minimized the hearing and claimed the votes were already certified for Joe Biden.

Spunt said, “Giuliani and Ellis continue to fight in Pennsylvania despite votes being certified in favor of president elect Biden.

The Pennsylvania Governor made that announcement yesterday, saying the state is certifying the results for president elect Joe Biden. Also to point out, the witnesses here were not under oath. They were not sworn in.”

Lou Dobbs was quick to put him in his place. “You sound rather dismissive of the expert witnesses including forensic computer experts who were testifying as to the irregularities and the anomalies of the election.

You are, I’m sure, aware that the judge has intervened to temporarily stop the certification of the vote in Pennsylvania as a result of claims by Congressman Mike Kelly and Shaun Parnell, both Republicans, declaring in their lawsuit the election was unconstitutional.”


The end of fair and balanced news

Fox News has been sliding further and further Left over the years. Now it seems they’re ready to turn their back on President Trump. The network has made a number of suspicious moves lately, from hiring Left-wing political strategist and former DNC Chair Donna Brazile, to having Chris Wallace try to bully Trump during the presidential debate.

Many viewers think Fox is joining in with networks like CNN and MSNBC who make their living off bashing Trump. Now viewers are jumping ship, heading over to Newsmax and OANN.

Even the president is disgusted by their behavior and rumors are swirling that he is planning to create his own news network to compete with Fox News. MAGA News? That has a nice ring to it.

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