Walmart Arms Rioters…Then Walks it Back

Walmart might have accidentally armed the rioting children of darkness in Philadelphia. Fearing a lot more civil unrest up to and after the upcoming election, they pulled guns and ammo off their store shelves for safer keeping in the back. Suddenly, only a day later, they walked that decision back, using the lame excuse that the riots are “geographically isolated.”

Walmart waffles on weapon safety policy

Arkansas HQ carefully noted that “the move to pull the firearms wasn’t related to preparations for next week’s election.” That’s probably true. Walmart got nervous because the press was filming things like rounds of ammo scattered on the floor of their looted store in Philadelphia.

They’re tight lipped about what happened to the weapons. Things are still tense and volatile there after “several days of protests, widespread vandalism and an overnight curfew” which looters totally ignore.

If the retailer did allow some weapons and ammo to fall into the wrong hands, they didn’t want it to happen again. “We have seen some isolated civil unrest and as we have done on several occasions over the last few years, we have moved our firearms and ammunition off the sales floor as a precaution for the safety of our associates and customers,” Walmart said in a public statement.

The next day, they changed their mind. On Friday, Walmart announced they had already begun returning firearms and ammunition to the sales floor. “We asked stores to move firearms and ammunition from the sales floor to a secure location in the back of the store in an abundance of caution,” a spokesman said. “As the current incidents have remained geographically isolated, we have made the decision to begin returning these products to the sales floor today.”

Not the only reason

Many Americans aren’t buying that as the whole story, because of all the other preparations retailers nationwide are taking for next week’s election, like boarding up windows. Someone, they say, ordered the mega-retailer not to scare the voters and forced them to back down. Civil unrest is on everyone’s mind whether Walmart stashes the weapons for safekeeping or not.

Retailers across the nation, not just Walmart, are taking measures which look like they’re getting ready for a natural disaster, like a hurricane. Shopkeepers and merchants are boarding up windows and taking extra security precautions. They’re getting ready for the election. No matter which side wins, the losers are expected to get violent.

On election day in liberal California “Rodeo Drive will be in lockdown, with cars and pedestrians blocked from its luxury boutiques.” In the peaceful city of Chicago, with their famous gun control laws, “Along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, barriers will control crowds.”

One of the reasons that Walmart wanted to hide the guns and ammo is because they’re extremely popular this year. “demand for firearms has risen dramatically this year, based on FBI background checks.”

Ammo has been hard to keep on the shelves too because concerns about civil unrest have risen sharply in expectation of a post-election backlash among the losing side. Especially if the results are delayed for weeks and months to count all the mail in ballots.

  1. In anticipation of election riots when President Trump sweeps to victory the election, Walmart Corporation needs to hire a Armed Security Company. They would be staffed with trained, experienced personnel capable of preventing protesters from entering stores and/or doing damage to the outside. The Security Group needs to have a “Ready Response” Team inside each store, out of sight to quickly respond and put down anyone creating a problem. Yes, there are a number of quality Security Companies out there with trained combat hardened veterans, who know exactly how to deal with Anarchist and Criminal Mobs. If I were a stockholder in Walmart, I would demand that Corporate Management takes steps to protect my interests across the United States and not wait for millions of dollars loss in rioting and looting.

  2. So, can we all assume that Walmart is once again ‘going to arm the rioters’ AGAIN?! As for putting them in a more secure location….Hold on, while I stop laughing …(like as if when the rioters once AGAIN come back, they won’t be able to find the ‘secure location’; give me a break!, ) Of course the rioter will AGAIN arm themselves and Walmart will again give another stupid excuse!
    This clearly shows that Walmart corp officials are NOT TOO BRIGHT!


  4. Walmart wanted to pull weapons and ammo from poor black area an nearby stores. But someone evidently has convinced them that’s racist as BLM and Antifa aren’t the rioters, of course.

  5. If looters come to my town they may get here by bus but they will leave by dead wagons. What is going on with America for allowing this looting to go on and on? Have the people of these cities and towns turned into to a bunch babies. These looters and rioters need to be shot or whatever it takes to get this all stopped. Whenever who becomes the next President, this person should order this looters and rioters stopped or else end up dead. However I don’t look for much out of Biden if he wins as he is worse than these looters. I do think this looting and rioting will continue for a day or two if Trump ends up the winner as Trump will really set his foot down and it all will be stopped.

  6. F#ck walmart … they buckled to the pressure of the delusional democrats and bended a knee for them . They sold out to the enemy like the cowards that they are .

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