California Forced to Reckon With Fiscal Reality of Fleeing Taxpayers

California progressives are disappointed to learn that the reparations checks will need to be put on hold for a while. It seems that the merchants and workers who pay taxes have been chased out of the state by shoplifters and tranq ingesting zombies who don’t. That means there’s a big $68 billion hole in the budget for the upcoming year. It’s not total disaster but it does mean there will be some belt tightening for everyone, whether the democrat mob likes it or not.

California hit with reality

Officials allegedly running the state of confusion called California have been forced to face hard fiscal reality. Zombies sleeping in tents, crapping on the sidewalk and openly doing drugs is really bad for business.

The dominoes collapse one after another because it’s business and workers who pay taxes. As major retailers close their doors and move out of state, shopping malls have become drug markets. Even liberals can only take so much abuse.

Left-leaning Politico actually admits “California Democrats are in a lose-lose situation.

The $68 billion deficit is “putting legislative leaders and Governor Gavin Newsom in the unenviable position of having to slash costs and reject most proposals for new funding in 2024.” That’s a bad thing, progressives whine.

It’s bad for the nonprofits, advocates and special interest groups, but it’s also not great for Democratic lawmakers, who in recent years have enjoyed the kind of surpluses that allow them to dole out money — and grow political capital — in abundance.” California lawmakers aren’t real popular lately.

Even Kevin McCarthy is about to be in the unemployment line. He just resigned in a snit, cleared out his office and headed for the coast. Rumors suggest he plans spending the time between now and New Year slurping down 100 proof eggnog.

Could be worse

Okay, so the health care workers can forget about that raise in minimum wage they were counting on but “it’s not the worst deficit California has ever faced in terms of percentage of overall spending.” That makes it alright then.

Not only that, liberals point out, “the stock market has improved since earlier in the year.

No matter how much better the economy manages to get, it’s not going to be enough for California to avoid major budget slashing across the board. They’re starting to realize that it’s going to take “cuts on a scale few lawmakers serving today have seen.

They’re starting to wonder how long they’ll be able to keep their jobs. This Politico notes, is “a time of great turnover in the Legislature.

Our economy is still good, but what we need to do is be incredibly cautious here,” Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins relates. “We are in a deficit, and therefore, new programs, new spending — in fact, existing spending — we’re going to have to slow down over time.

California will use all the options they have available. That includes “tap into the state’s reserves, borrow from special funds, cut spending, or some combination.” Everyone knows it’s going to take all of the above and those spending cuts need to be real cuts, not phony back room deals like the one that got the speaker’s gavel yanked from Kevin McCarthy’s hand.

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