new drug just as deadly as fentanyl

Official Sounds the Alarm on New Street Drug That is Just as Deadly as Fentanyl

According to Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich, the Jefferson Parish coroner, a new drug just as deadly as fentanyl has claimed the lives of at least 30 people in the United States.

Brorphine, or “purple heroin,” is commonly packaged as purple crystal or powder, but has also been seen in the form of white or grey powder.

Dr. Cvitanovich announced the first death linked to the drug in Louisiana this week.

“This drug has the potential to cause widespread harm and is a public health concern. The public should be on full alert due to the extreme danger of this drug,” said Cvitanovich.

The drug has been found across the country:

Brorphine is a synthetic drug with potency and effects similar to fentanyl. It can cause rapid respiratory depression and dysrhythmias in the heart, which could result in respiratory and cardiac arrest.

Dr. Ted Bender, President of UnityPlace, a non-profit dedicated to mental health and addiction services, said that the emergence of this new drug is a public health concern, adding that it could increase the risk of overdose in drug users.

“The risk of using any of these type of synthetic opioids is incredibly great, it’s like playing Russian roulette anytime you ingest,” Dr. Bender said.

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