LOL: Bill Clinton Had The Audacity to Lecture Trump on Conduct in the Oval Office

Confirmed pervert Bill Clinton had the nerve to actually lecture President Donald Trump about how to behave in the Oval Office. He was talking to a friendly audience at the Democrat National Convention Tuesday night, so they didn’t heckle him even once about what he did with his cigar to White House intern Monica Lewinsky. The rabidly progressive crowd accepted his lies as the gospel according to Bill.

Clinton wants Trump to do as he says, not as he does

“At a time like this, the Oval Office should be a command center,” Clinton arm chair quarterbacked. “Instead, it’s a storm center. There’s only chaos.” Most of that chaos has been caused by Deep State moles who leak misleading information to the liberal press. Every idea the president comes up with offends Barack Obama’s holdouts and they sabotage his efforts at every turn.

While Democrats couldn’t even come up with charges against President Donald Trump, Bill Clinton actually was impeached. Back then, the Democrats controlled the Senate so he wasn’t convicted for the charges of “lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice about the affair that he had with Lewinsky inside the White House.”

Monica Lewinsky has a few memories about the Clinton-era Oval Office which were described in graphic detail by the Washington Post. According to their accounting of Ms. Lewinsky’s escapade, Bill Clinton “telephoned her at her desk and suggested that she come to the Oval Office on the pretext of delivering papers to him.

What happened on ‘this occasion’

She went to the Oval Office and was admitted by a plainclothes Secret Service agent. In her folder was a gift for the President, a Hugo Boss necktie.” It gets better from there. Conservatives simply cannot believe the hypocrisy of Bill Clinton trying to lecture Trump about office behavior after behaving like this.

“On this occasion,” meaning it happened more than once, “he focused on me pretty exclusively,” kissing her bare breasts and fondling her genitals. At one point, [Bill Clinton] inserted a cigar into Ms. Lewinsky’s vagina, then put the cigar in his mouth and said: ‘It tastes good.’ After they were finished, Ms. Lewinsky left the Oval Office and walked through the Rose Garden.”


Just by coincidence, as Clinton was lecturing the current president on how to behave, more scandalous leaked photos hit the news stands showing one of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-slaves with her hands on Bubba on a Lolita Express stop over. Kevin Spacey was there too that day. Bill Clinton admits flying on the pervert’s private plane on four occasions but his name is listed on 26 separate flights in the plane’s flight logs.

  1. Remember when W was on Letterman? His top ten list, #1 was ” I’m gonna give that rug a good
    Cleaning ” (meaning the Oval Office Presidential
    Seal carpet ). But this was when Letterman was
    still funny !

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