Business Gone Bad: Assistant Turns ‘Scarface,’ Hacks Boss Into Pieces With Chainsaw

Young male personal assistant, Tyrese Haspil, was charged Friday morning with second degree murder. Pieces of his boss, third-world rideshare tycoon Fahim Saleh, were discovered by a family member in his Manhattan apartment earlier this week. various “parts of his body had been placed in large plastic bags,” police relate. An electric chainsaw similar to the one used in the movie “Scarface,” was “still plugged in nearby.” The motive isn’t clear but the cops have some clues if the Black Lives Matter mafia allows them funds to actually investigate.

Assistant was in a $100K hole

Fahim Saleh had millions in the bank. When he found out his 21-year-old personal assistant embezzled $100,000 from him, it was no big deal. He set up a repayment plan and considered that the end of it. By age 33, Saleh had a $2.25 million condo, in a luxury building on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York. Born to Bangladeshi parents in Saudi Arabia, the family resettled along the banks of the Hudson. His first venture, an app called PrankDial, turned the ability to allow users “to send prerecorded prank calls” into a $10 million enterprise. Then he went into motorcycle ride-sharing in third-world nations.

A woman, variously reported as Saleh’s “sister” or “cousin,” perhaps both, went to check on Saleh on Tuesday, when she didn’t hear from him for a few hours. Police are convinced that when she rang the lobby buzzer, she interrupted the clean up efforts of the cutthroat assistant, prompting him to duck out the back door.

Waiting for her in the living room was a gruesome scene. “Saleh’s head and limbs had been removed.” By then, “parts of his body had been placed in large plastic bags” by his deadly assistant. An electric chainsaw “was still plugged in nearby.” The prevailing theory is that Haspil murdered his employer over the theft, despite the agreement between them. They still can’t help noticing that Haspil’s work was particularly “professional.” It makes them wonder. Haspil was arrested “8:45 a.m. Friday in lower Manhattan.”

Sanitize the crime scene

The medical examiner’s report says that Saleh was killed on Monday. According to police, Haspil “used his employer’s credit card to pay for a car to a Home Depot on West 23rd Street in Manhattan to buy cleaning supplies to sanitize the crime scene.” The assistant came back the next day “to dismember the body and clean up.” One law enforcement official described the murder as a “hit” and said it looked “like a professional job.”

Video cameras show “the killer dressed in a black three-piece suit, wearing a black mask and carrying a duffel bag,” as he “followed Mr. Saleh off an elevator in his building and into his apartment.” Officials told reporters “he used a Taser to immobilize Mr. Saleh and then stabbed him to death.” After that, a camera inside the elevator shows Haspil getting busy with a dust-buster to get rid of evidence. “Security video taken from inside the elevator shows the assistant later using a battery-operated portable vacuum cleaner in an apparent effort to remove any traces of his presence.”

Fahim Saleh was the founder of Pathao, a motorcycle ride-sharing service in Bangladesh. He cashed in and set up a similar venture in Nigeria called “Gokada.” It was very successful until Nigeria banned motorcycle taxis in February. He took a hit but kept going as a food and package delivery service. He also had similar projects starting in Columbia and it’s unknown what the role of the assistant was in all of that.

  1. I guess really no lives matter to people like this butcher. Sorry for the victim’s family. Can’t imagine the crime scene that the sister/cousin walked in on.

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