Patriots Honor Presidents As Liberals Shop

You can’t get much more nationalist than honoring the accomplishments of America’s Presidents. While Patriots from coast-to-coast proudly celebrate our finest leaders from George Washington all the way to Donald Trump, progressives go shopping. To them, it’s nothing but a day off work.

The left-leaning liberal media hates Patriots

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were both patriots. They’re the presidents who first come to mind when we think of “Presidents Day.” They both originally had a day of their own but congress, in their infinite wisdom, decided to combine them for simplicity. Now, we celebrate all of our presidents, good and bad, in one whack.

We kept George Washington’s birthday as the date. He was born February 22, 1732 but we celebrate it on the third Monday of February to guarantee federal workers a day off. A quick look at what left-leaning Google calls “news” shows that, to the world’s most powerful search engine, the crucial things to know about Presidents’ day are what’s open, what’s closed and where can I get a good deal? Which is exactly why we elected President Trump and why we’re all set to do it again.

President Trump honored his predecessors with a simple one line all caps tweet, “HAPPY PRESIDENT’S DAY!” Progressives came unglued. He put the apostrophe in the wrong place so it’s the end of the world for liberals. While deplorable Trump supporters simply smile at the harmless mistake of grammar, one that somewhere around 90 percent of the general public would make, the left makes it into grounds for impeachment. “Dude. just admit it, it’s not your day,” one snowflake replied.


One teacher making a difference

First graders in Ms. Morgan Kangas’ class at Ishpeming, Michigan’s Birchview Elementary School spent the day learning the historical significance. These young patriots learned that it started out as a way to honor the first president, George Washington, on his birthday. Then was expanded “to honor all past presidents and their achievements.” She also explored with the children “more about the office and responsibilities of the president, and even elected their own in the class.” She’s happy to relate that many of her students’ “campaigns” were “ran on the basis of spreading kindness,” not slinging mud like the adults do.

“It makes me feel good as an educator,” she relates. “It makes me feel like I’m doing something right because they are the future.” Not only that, she could have a future president sitting right there in her classroom. “They will be the future presidents of the United States, so the fact that they want to be kind and push that out on to others is awesome. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

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