Liberal Thrown To Lions In Phoenix Coliseum

The Deplorable-In-Chief threw billionaire misogynist Michael Bloomberg to the lions at the Veterans’ Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona, Wednesday night. Excited Trump supporters enjoyed their pre-rally camp out happily talking politics while local entrepreneurs were readily on hand to supply Trump gear to those not fully equipped.

Trump threw Bloomberg to the lions.

Trump’s visit was timed to coincide with the Democrat Debate in Las Vegas. The cheering crowd was a clear indication that if the front-running Democrat can only sway one fourth of liberal voters, they’ll get squashed like a bug by Trump in November. He threw one particular candidate to the lions.

On stage, President Trump blasted Mike Bloomberg, pointing out he was “getting pounded” at his first debate appearance. The former Mayor of New York City has a history of nasty scandals. He’s no fan of minorities. In the good old days he was a big advocate of “redlining.” That was the discriminatory process of denying loans to blacks and Hispanics. He was also heavily in favor of throwing those same minorities up against a wall on general principals once in a while, just to keep them honest. “Stop and frisk” didn’t go over real well with liberal New Yorkers.

Bloomberg’s x-rated vocabulary also has liberals offended. Over the years he’s been caught regularly saying all sorts of nasty things. Habits he seemed to have picked up hanging around with his buddy Jeffrey Epstein.


Deplorables turn Phoenix into ‘Trumpstock’

As usual, there was a festival atmosphere as the most deplorable Trump supporters arrived to camp out a day ahead or longer. The parking lot started filling up for the tailgate party before dawn and the doors to the arena opened at 3:00 p.m. for the show that started at 7:00 p.m. local time. The sea of red MAGA hats had folks comparing the event to the festival that started a movement. Welcome to Trumpstock!

The venue seats around 14,500 which quickly flooded to capacity. There was plenty of room for thousands more in the State Fair grounds which surround the Coliseum. Every inch of it was needed. As usual, there was a jumbo screen outside for the overflowing masses.

The tweets started pouring out, along with a flood of support. David Waddell posted, “Inside the Arena at the Trump Rally in Phoenix, Arizona. The crowd outside is even bigger! WE THE PEOPLE along with our President will take back our country once and for all this coming November. There is a Red Tsunami coming and the Democrats and Deep State are going to DROWN! ”

Craig Reck observed, “Chants of ‘4 more years!’ and ‘U-S-A!’ inside @POTUS rally in #phx.”

There was only one incident near the end of the rally. Police officers dragged someone away from outside the arena. Bystanders weren’t sure if the person was arrested or just removed but there was speculation “the person may have assaulted someone.” There were more incidents ahead of the incident. Phoenix EMT’s evaluated 13 people for heat exhaustion. Four were so bad that they had to be hospitalized, indicating just how crucial it is to stay hydrated in the desert.

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